Wednesday, February 01, 2012

snow fakes

It's hard to believe that we are half way through winter and I think I have shovelled once.
Yup, just the one time.
I think I've also only had to brush the snow & ice from my car windshield once.
Lulu has been able to toboggan at our local hill, once.
Mind you, she kept hitting muddy patches of grass along the way...
Anyhow I'm not complaining.
I love how pretty snow looks when it first falls don't get me wrong.
And I love how quiet everything seems after a big storm and the drama of it all.
There's something about hunkering down and watching it all pile up.

But what I don't love is all the lingering dirty mounds of icy snow that cuts parking on our street in half.
Salt stained shoes and boots.
Wet mitts, socks and snow pants and the worst is perpetually wet floors at the front door.
Unshovelled side walks.
Just the overall mess in the city during the winter I could do without.
But that's life in the great white north.

So this year in anticipation of a typical Canadian winter, I geared up.
I got super dooper warm coats for everyone. Chelsea included.
extra hats, mitts and scarves, just incase half end up in the lost & found.
Boot trays, extra door mats, stock piled the hot chocolate.
We are set people.
We are ready for snowmagedon 2012.
Bring it.
Only something tells me it's not coming.
The new snow blower has been sitting the shed collecting cobwebs.
This morning I woke to the sound of robins and the smell of spring in the air.
I opened all the windows, turned down the heat and realized that in only 6 weeks it's March break!

Wiarton Willie might have a better idea as to what's to come of winter 2012, but my prediction is that it's not.
We'll see.
but for now I'm loving it.

and yes, I'm talking about the weather yet again.
Life is pretty exciting these days let me tell you....


Gabriella said...

You know I thought the same thing yesterday, we had a whopping snowfall almost 5 inches and everything looked so pretty. This morning all the snow is gone. I think winter is having an identity crisis this year :-)

Anonymous said...

I've been riding my bike - in January! Crazy...


Tania said...

As a dog owner, I'm more a fan of a frozen yard than a soft, muddy one. Pretty gross out there!