Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Those I look up to

There are few women that I see each day that I really admire.

One in particular has three small kids, (that in itself blows my mind), she works part time as a teacher, is really involved with our school, and has been an integral part of a project that we've been pitching to the school board all year long.
I couldn't do any of what we've been trying to accomplish without her.
She's so on the ball and together.
She's always even keeled, even in the face of all kinds of life's daily obstacles.
She never seems to get sick, and even if she does, never complains.
I seriously don't know how she manages.
She's super sporty and fit.
In fact she's running a marathon this week in California- just because.
How awesome is that?
She's just an overall really nice, positive , enthusiastic person.
I've never once heard her say a negative thing about anything or anyone for that matter.
Always seeing the positive in every situation.
I really respect her for that and truth be told, wish I was a little more like that.
And trust me, that's not always an easy thing to do in the school yard clusters of gossiping moms.

Then there's another woman that I know.
She also has three kids, ( I swear those mothers of three are such over-achievers ;) is SUPER involved in the school and does a ton of extra volunteering.
She's really funny, and also manages to follow her passion as a stage actress and recently I had the pleasure of watching her perform.
She was fantastic!
Who knew?
Not only that, but the performance was for charity, which is so amazing.
I think it's so great when you get to see someone doing something that they love besides carrying backpacks and carpooling each day.
And what's not to love about all that glamour?

And of course there are all the women I've met from the gym.
They are a huge inspiration to me.
These women range from their twenties and up (as in 70- doing kick boxing classes no less!)
and I love working out along side of them regardless of how old (or young) they are.
Last night in fact, I was partnered up with a women who is 68 years old and could kick any 20 year old butt in class.
She is A-mazing. Even more amazing is that she works out with her daughter.
Talk about setting an example and being inspiring.
Not to mention a certain "someone" who is always there to motivate me when I start to slack off.
(Hi M ;)
Her dedication to fitness and being positive is astonishing.
Age is just a state of mind, and for most of the women I work out with, I swear it must be their motto.
I love how we all inspire one another to stay "strong, fit & healthy". (inside joke)

There are so many others.
They are all so positive and energetic.
They manage the balance of being a mother and yet maintaining some sense of self so effortlessly.
(or so it appears to me)
Being a mom isn't easy, but being true to yourself and taking time to follow your passions is essential.
It's easy to forget to do that when you are so focused on your kids.
I know I sometimes get too caught up in Lulu's life without a doubt.

So I am feeling inspired.

Of course it goes without saying that one of the women who inspires me the most, is my own mother.
She was (is) one of those women.
Managing to juggle a career with a family and still being really involved in the community.
She was always there to help others out whenever they were in need.
She is definitely one of the most generous and kind people that I know.
She always looks great and takes care of herself.
I love that she's discovered the benefits of yoga at aged 60.
She is THE best grandmother and Lulu is so close to her which I am so very grateful for.
Sure things were a bit crazy at times growing up, but most of the time she held it all together.
Held us all together.
She is also one of those people that never has a bad thing to say about anyone.
Regardless of the situation, she is always a "lady" and tends to not get involved in a conversation if it is disparaging towards another person.
I love and admire her for that more than anything else.

It may not be for a couple more weeks, but Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there.
It's one of the hardest jobs I've ever had, but so completely worth every second.

Oh and speaking of inspiring....

make sure you have the tissue box handy. sniff sniff.

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