Wednesday, July 04, 2012

happy belated

Had a very low key Canada day long weekend.
We enjoyed the back yard for the first time all season and came to the conclusion that it might actually be quieter in the city than in Cottage country on a long weekend.
The neighbours were away and there were no trades making any noise.
Holy construction on our street...
We didn't hear any jet skis, power boats or people across the lake "given' r" all night long.
All we could hear were the birds and the crickets.
It seems as though our entire neighbourhood has made the annual pilgrimage up north for the summer.
Fine by me.
There are times when I miss our family cottage and wish my parents hadn't sold it.
And occasionally I'll even miss the boat.
Just a little bit.
But after being able to just chill out and do very little this weekend- especially not having to pack, prep, slather on the bug repellent and be stuck in traffic, I realized that it's really not so bad to be city bound in the summer.

Then again, big daddy was on MLS all weekend "checking things out".
So who knows what next summer may bring?
Until then, just enjoying keeping things simple.

Happy Birthday Canada.
Glad that you are my home & native land..

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