Thursday, October 25, 2012

watch a little girl grow

The past few weeks I've really been reflecting about how quickly life is flying by.
Maybe it's the change of season..or perhaps it's the fact that my little girl is growing up so fast.
It's hard to believe I have a 7 1/2 year old daughter. (as of today- happy 1/2 birthday Lulu!)
I just can't get over how much bigger and more mature she gets every day.
That being said, she is still so small, sweet and innocent to me.

Big daddy & I are also in a bit of mid-life reassessment period at the moment.
Trying to figure out what our new goals and aspirations are for our future together.
Because let's face it, at 40 (well 41 to be more accurate- at least for the next month or so...)
We have accomplished most of the things we wanted to achieve by this point in life.
But both of us are ready for a change and some new challenges.

One of the things that we seem to be endlessly discussing these past few months is our home.
We've been here for eight years now and we either want to renovate or move.
It's really time for a change.
The frustration is that we absolutely love our neighbourhood and have no desire to move from it.
But the house prices are still so ridiculous.
Plus to be honest, we already have a home that really fits all of our needs, so really..why move?
Aside from our egos.
I guess we both thought that we would eventually be in something more like what we both grew up in.
ie. Bigger and nicer.
Then again, neither one of us grew up in the city- especially not in one of the most desirable and expensive neighbourhoods in the city.
And if we are being realistic, we already have a bedroom that we don't even use.
(aside from housing stacks of dusty books and outdated magazines- must deal with that room sooner than later)
So do we really need a bigger house with more rooms?
There are only three of us after all.

I'm pretty sure we have made our decision.
We are meeting with an architect tomorrow so at least the wheels are in motion.
Because let's face it- mama needs a new kitchen..
but note to self- must refrain from checking out MLS listings and going to open houses every weekend.
Once we commit- there's no turning back.
And seeing as time really does fly by so quickly, at least we won't have to downsize when we are empty nesters..right?
So don't even want to think about that yet though.

and speaking of time flying by check this out.
I can't believe Lulu is half way there already....sniff sniff...


Lynn said...

We're there too - our kids are getting older and more self-sufficient, we turned 40, we have most everything we need - so what next? It's hard to believe, but I think the stereotypical mid-life crisis is actually a real thing. You get to this point where everything is cruising along, every day is just about the same - and you start to wonder if this is it.

Time for us all to find some new dreams.

sam lamb said...

i couldn't believe how much time i got back once i stopped checking MLS every day! but it only stopped once we'd signed the contract for the basement reno. your debate is exactly what we went through last year, and in the end location and love of our own flawed house kept us here (plus it's practical - the reno costs less than moving when you consider the crazy prices and that awful land transfer tax). there's a huge allure to making something as perfect as it can be, and i gotta say that it would be awesome to see what you'd do to your kitchen!