Monday, August 26, 2013

my summer behind the lense (and in front of it)

This has to have been one of the fastest summers ever. I still feel like it just started, and now in a mere week it's back to school! Crazy...
Anyhow as short as it seems, we managed to pack a lot in.

 Canada day spent with family was a really great way to kick things off.

yes another gratutious photo of my pooch

Speaking of family, we spent most of it with my 4 year old niece who is now moving back to Canada from Taiwan.



She's super cute. Though I forgot how much work a 4 year old is...

But it was sweet watching Lulu bond with her little cousin.

she was smitten with her Uncle "Monkey"

 Lulu did a 2 week horse camp, along with a week of nature camp plus another 2 weeks of an art & music camp.
Lucky girl!


We took a trip out west. To visit family and also take in the sights. We had such a fantastic time.


 We had so much fun at Heritage Park and travelled back in time. We learned how to make butter. Fun!

 Lulu also got to spend some quality time with her grandma & grandpa. Very sweet to watch..

We went to Lake Louise as well. It was so beautiful. I so needed a dose of nature.





But staying in a swanky suite at the Chateau Lake Louise with the best view in the hotel didn't hurt either....


Did lots of hiking.
Breath taking views.

We made it out to Drumheller with Lulu's grandma & Grandpa and saw all the dinosaur bones.


 Squeezed in a few dates here & there.

Sat by the lake to watch the sunset.

BBQ pancakes...why not?

Plenty of time was spent swimming and splashing around.


 A few nice picnics at the park....

 a new bike for the little miss...
now we can all go cycling together.

Hawaiian day at camp.

Good old fashioned fun.

 Lots of play dates and catching up with Lulu's bff.

A day at the farm...

Some carnival rides. I almost threw up on the Caterpillar. The things I do for my 8 year old...

 Not to mention what big daddy does....

And no Lulu is not wearing my shirt. She's growing fast, but not that fast! 

We still managed to get out to eat at restaurants a fair bit, which is always fun and a treat.

But the highlight is our new purchase.
A new weekend home in the country.
So exciting and I've been consumed all summer with choosing furniture and decor.
It's like a dream come true. 
We are here for the last week of summer and I'm in heaven.

                                        (and yes I'll be changing the door colour asap...)

So all in all it has been a wonderful (albeit busy) summer but I've loved every minute of it. 
I'm so blessed and fortunate to have such an amazing partner that helps to make all of our dreams come true....

Hope you have had a wonderful summer as well....and enjoy the last bit of it.


Tracy said...

Looks like an AMAZING summer! and congrats on the new digs!

Gabriella said...

Wow! What a great summer you had. Absolutely loved all the pictures. And can't wait to hear more about the new country home.

Sonia said...

What a fun summer you've had!! Congrats on the summer home!

Lynn said...

Wow, amazing! I cannot wait to see more pics of the summer home. I'm the world's worst decorator and I need some inspiration and advice :).

Also, we went east to PEI this summer and now we are itching to get out west - we'd love to go to Calgary. Your shots are amazing and have me squirming to get out there!