Friday, January 09, 2015

New Year...Same ol' same ol'

I usually compile a list of New Year's resolutions around this time of year.
Nothing too drastic or life changing, just things I would like to improve on and focus on for the new year ahead.
This year I could just as easily take a look back at 2014 and be lazy and just say ditto.
Because essentially I would love to continue working on all those things and maybe even more.
But that would be the easy thing to do.

It's important to set new goals and work hard to reach them.
I need to challenge myself more.
Find new things to strive for.
So I guess that's my New Year's resolution for 2015.
Set new goals.
Figure out the next step.

Although the past few weeks have been somewhat reflective, I guess I still don't know exactly what to work towards that is new and exciting.
But when I find out...I'll let you know.

Some other random things happening so far this year.

funny things that Lulu said recently.
"I wish I could trade 2 weeks of July for 1 month of January." she quoted Roald Dahl. love that she is quoting authors!
and yes...I couldn't agree more.

Can I watch just one more episode of Wicked Tuna on the National Geo channel?
pretty please??
I'm not entirely sure what I think about this latest television obsession.

Every morning for the past few weeks, Lulu tiptoes into my room sits beside me on the edge of the bed and whispers "do you want a hand massage mommy?" and proceeds to give me the most amazing hand massage while I wake up.
Her small hands are surprisingly strong and capable.
What an awesome way to wake up.
I mean seriously?
what did I do to deserve such an amazing kid?

On a more serious note.

Turns out our puppy (3 year old french bulldog, but will always be my little "puppy") needs a pretty major surgery.
I'm kind of freaking out about it.
I could never imagine loving an animal so much.
The thought of our family without her in it is pretty frightening.
I just hope she'll be okay.
Also trying to conceal my anxiety about it in front of Lulu is proving to be a bit challenging.
Who knew a 20 lb, snorty, little fury creature would become so much a part of our family.
Dogs really teach us about life more than we realize.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
Roger Caras (photographer and writer)

so true....

Let's just hope she gets to teach us plenty more about life in 2015.

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Lynn said...

Hope all is well with your puppy and it's nothing too serious. Here's to great goals for 2015!