Sunday, January 20, 2008

the grass is greener

How many Sunday mornings have I been awoken at the crack of dawn- or in these cold dark January mornings...long before dawn...and wished for just one more-make that two more hours of sleep?
But instead miss lulu comes bouncing into our bed, plucking eyelashes, and squeezing my cheeks saying "wake up mommy!!"
"it's time to get up!" "I'm thirsty, or I'm hungry!" "let's play!!" "I'm your little kitty cat...meow..."
and so begins most Sundays.
That's not to say that we don't all end up back in bed for an extra bit of story time and coffee drinking, but usually it's still dark out.
I have often fantasized about those pre-Lulu days, when big daddy and I would lounge in bed reading the paper trying to decide where to go for brunch or what movie to go and see that day.
What did we do with all that free time?
So when we were at my parents yesterday, Lulu asked if she could stay.
we were unprepared and didn't have anything with us, just expecting a short visit.
But when I saw the look on my parents and Lulu's face how could I say no?
So big daddy and I returned home without our little bug.
sure we were able to have an uninterrupted conversation all the way home.
and not rush back so that we would be back for bath/bedtime- therefor allowing us to stop at Ikea and get in and out of there in under and hour- so not possible if Lulu had been with us.
The place was packed on a Saturday night with mostly young couples getting that first sofa for their new place together...
awe how sweet...
I was actually feeling kind of old to be's been a long time since our first place. A long time..
we were also able to go out for a late dinner and get a ton of things done over the weekend.
But it just wasn't the same without her here.
We went for brunch- something I have been wanting to do for a while, but some how we always end up eating at home on the weekends as it's just easier most of the time.
So big daddy & I went for a bit of a bacon & eggs here.
It was good and nice to be out on a Sunday morning but once again I couldn't help but to miss Lulu- as did big daddy.
It's actually pretty boring when she's not with us.
I looked around and other couples looked kind of bored too.
Then I remembered that big daddy & I were bored before we had lulu.
we definitely got to a point in our lives when we actually got bored of going out for brunch each weekend.
I guess I just forgot.
Being without lulu today just reminded me of how much she has enhanced and enriched our lives.
Not that I had really forgotten- each day she gives me so much joy.
Sure it's easy to complain about getting dragged out of bed at an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning, but really, what is more fun than reading Green Eggs & Ham in bed with a soy latte and my sweet little girl snuggled in between her two biggest fans?
not too much.


Don Mills Diva said...

It's easy to roamnticize how much fun you had with all that free time before kids but if I were honest I would have to say that I wasn't that happy because I was getting bored and yearning for a child...

Ms. Porter said...

There are definitely things I miss about my old life...but I wouldn't trade in what I have now for those things. Little breaks away from our children really do help us appreciate them that much more.

amanda said...

I go through this a lot... thinking back to the good ole' pre-baby days. Then I remember how bored we were. Isn't it great to have a little excitement... even if it wakes up at 7am? haha!

Sarah said...

Agree...isn't that funny how it all works? I think about that alot and daydream about all the quiet shopping and eating we would do. But really, after the kids are gone for one night, I can't even stand it because I miss the chaos so much.

kittenpie said...

Well, you can't be blamed for missing the upsides of things, no matter howmuch you love what has come along. I miss sleeping in, going to the bathroom without someone calling for me, being able to sit and read without someone wanting me to have a party or listen to hteir song or open this thing for them. But still, it would feel lonley without it. Adn it just makes me treasure those times when she and Misterpie go out for an hour or two all the more.

motherbumper said...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, that's for sure - you are so lucky to have family close by.

And damn PG, I now have a big breakfast hankering and I blame you! :)

kgirl said...

I'm with ya. On the rare occasion that we would find ourselves childless, we went and did stuff and talked about how easy it was to do stuff without Bee, but really, it's way more fun to do stuff as a family. We like it a lot better that way.