Tuesday, January 29, 2008

tell tale tickle

Coughing sneezing sniffling aches pains...cold...hot...shivers...chapped lips.. and red nose.
Oh the joys of cold and flu season.
It all started last weekend-as in 10 days ago.
En-route to my parents I felt a little "off" and was actually tempted to turn around and drive home 30 minutes into our trip.
But I decided to tough it out, and attributed my queasy stomach and achy back to bad pizza that we had had the night before.
But it continued, and to top it off Lulu also wasn't herself.
Kind of whiny which really isn't like her.
I should have known what was coming.
She was sick all week with high fevers on and off and a really congested cough.
poor little thing.
So I spent the week nursing her back to health as much as I could.
Lots of liquids, fruit popsicles, ginger tea and chicken soup, and lots and lots of extra TLC.
There were two days where she actually wouldn't let me put her down and I had to hold her burning hot little body as she fell in and out of sleep.
Every-time she gets sick it just kills me. I hate seeing her like that.
I will say that each time she does get ill, I feel a bit more experienced and know that eventually (knock wood) that she will be back to normal within a few days.
Those first few fevers when she was younger were terrible.
So we have been holed up at home with the exception of the odd walk around the block for a bit of fresh air and a few short errands on Saturday.
If I could just get her to blow her nose! so frustrating.
we had to resort to forcibly putting saline drops in her nostrils so that she wouldn't be overly congested.
I'm paranoid that she will get yet another ear infection and wanted to try and keep the sinus as clear as possible.
Today is the first day that she is almost back to normal.
Me on the other hand...I'm like a granny with Kleenex stuffed into her sleeve.
Carrying a box with me from room to room.
I am really knocked on my ass with this virus.
I can't remember feeling so awful.
Usually I can tough it out and carry on with life, but not this time.
I hesitate to take any over the counter meds and usually opt for good old fashioned ginger root tea, chicken soup and rest.
The latter being slightly impossible with a two and a half year old climbing all over me.
But I caved and have started raiding big daddy's stash of cold and flu drugs.
I'm a bit of a naturalist and he loves his drugs.
the legal kind of course.
I just want to be healthy again.
It really does suck to be sick, and quite honestly I can't handle any more daytime television.
I seriously don't get all the fuss about Oprah.
I used to watch it occasionally, but I kind of find it a bit annoying.
sorry...that probably just cost me a few readers.
But seriously yawn..boring and also kind of depressing.
Like I need to feel more depressed when I've been cooped up for 10 days straight at home.
Even Ellen couldn't cheer me up this week.
this has to be my most negative post to date. sorry about that.
Anyone else plagued with this crazy virus that's going around?
and is it just me, or are there just more bugs going around this year than in the past?
My parents keep reminding me that "you never got sick so often when you where young"
well.. living in a city with a large population, eating food from around the globe and living with a two and a half year old germ magnet will do it to you I guess.
Maybe we should move to Nunavut and eat bannock, caribou, local trout and seaweed.
mmm sounds kind of good.


Sarah said...

Maybe it's just having germ-magnets (aka kids) in the house now but SERIOUSLY, I agree....this season is killing me and every other mother out there. So. ready. for. spring.

amanda said...

I'm with you on the whole Oprah thing... not sure why people worship her. Anyway, sorry to hear you guys are dealing with such a yucky virus. We had it at Christmas. I managed to get a cold and a week off then the virus. Yuck. Hang in there... spring isn't too far off. Feel better soon!

metro mama said...

I was sick for most of December. Am getting sick again I think, so I'm popping Cold FX like crazy.

something blue said...

I was going to write that I'm usually sick more often but then I know that a virus is just around the corner laughing hysterically at me.

Hope you feel better fast.

Don Mills Diva said...

There are a bunch of nasty colds going around. Hubby and I both had a nasty one that held on for 2 weeks - just awful. Hope you feel better soon.

Ms. Porter said...

I haven't watched Oprah in ages, glad I'm not missing anything. Lots of people have been saying thather show isn't all that great anymore.
I HATE to say that we've been alright this year, althouth the girls had minor colds during the holidays...you know we are going to get it next right? Hope you recoup very soon and that everyone stays 'bug' free for the remainder of the winter. xoxoxo

...and so on it goes said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon so that we can get together. We are really looking forward to meeting Lulu :-)

Gabriella said...

ughhh being sick is the worst...that was me about 3 weeks ago...
Hopefully you feel better soon and that's the end of the sickies for this season.
Thanks for the words of encouragement about the "two's"!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better now. My son is almost 2 1/2 and still doesn't know how to blow his nose. When he was younger, I purchased this and still use it when he's sick (watch the video..very gross..but it works!)


You can purchase it here:


My son is terrified of the vacuum noise, but will allow me to use this contraption because he knows it helps him breathe and feel better afterwards. I let him turn the vacuum off and on by himself and this seems to help somewhat with his fear.

Good luck