Wednesday, February 20, 2008

something different

For the past month or so we definitely haven't been eating out like we usually do.
I didn't have much of an appetite (still don't really) and home-made soup has been the only thing I've wanted to eat.
Bonus is that I lost 7 lbs! woo whoo...a least there's an upside to feeling like crap for several weeks in a row!
This officially makes me 4 lbs lighter than I was when big daddy and I met ten years ago.
Before the "bug" descended upon our house, we managed to eat at a new local Italian bistro.
The following day I started to feel sick.
Not sure if it was the food or not...I really hope not.
Find out more about it here.
but things are looking up, and each day I seem to be feeling more and more like myself.
Still not ready to eat at any restaurants or drink any wine....which is so not like me.
Especially considering that big daddy just got a case of Hitching Post delivered this week.
Something must be wrong if I couldn't even have a sip of my all time favourite red wine.
ah can only get better from here.
until then I am thoroughly enjoying my warm pot of Yogi lemon ginger tea.
I guess you could call it a bit of a imposed detox.


Ms. Porter said...

Not the most fun losing weight I'm sure, but heck...take it as a bonus for what you've been through.

kittenpie said...

God, I miss wine.

And me, I'm gaining. I've started to take fruit for snacks, because it was starting out too fast, with the trying to eat to keep my throat an in-door only. Gah.

Hope you get better soon, though - it HAS been a long stretch!