Monday, December 14, 2009

played like a fiddle

I made a promise to myself that I would do my best to refrain from blogging about being sick all the time.
Last year (and the year before) I feel like that was all I ever wrote about.
Damn germ filled school system...
For the most part I have kept things to myself this year.
But truth be told- the sickies have been making their rounds here at casa petitegourmand since well...the second week of September.
Since then it has been a rotation of one thing or another.
flus, colds, strep throat, bronchitis.....and that's just me I'm talking about!
And I always thought I was so healthy.
What a joke.
We were almost NEVER sick before Lulu started school.
That being said-I am still so grateful that we all have a week off from being sick while we were away in November.
Very Grateful.
I think I would have had a breakdown if that hadn't been the case.
But since we have been back, things haven't been so rosy.
Big daddy had the flu on my birthday 2 weeks ago for the third year in a row- yay!
Lulu has missed three different birthday parties, a Hanukkah party and same goes for me.
Not too into going out these past few weeks due to a very nasty cough that won't go away.
I feel okay- minus the headaches caused from coughing my brains out- but I guess all this phlegm is starting to take an emotional toll on me.
To top things off, Lulu woke up last night complaining of ear pain.
grrreat- here we go again....
she's just getting over 2 weeks worth of feeling terrible and now something new?
I gave her some Motrin and she slept through the night. Fortunately for both of us.
But she woke this morning- super glum.
No temperature- but not herself.
She said- and I quote- "I'm just feeling sad because the sun isn't shining and I feel like staying in bed all day"
I thought these excuses not to go to school weren't supposed to start until at least the 4th grade?!
She also cried her eyes out when big daddy left for work- also not normal behavior.
So I really didn't know what I should do.
Let her stay home and get some rest in case she really isn't 100% better.
Or make her go to school and hopefully being there would bring her out of her Monday morning funk.
There were plenty of tears while I was trying to assess the situation and make a decision-and that's just me I'm talking about...kidding...sort of....
so in the end- Lulu managed to squeeze another home day out of me.
Funny enough-she made a miraculous recovery as soon as I hung up the phone to her school.
So how do you really know when your child is really sick, or maybe just feeling melancholy or even just plain tired?
and how do you react?
Oh and am I the only one catching every single virus out there?
It seems like I'm the only mom I know who is chronically ill- or am I imagining this?


Betsy Mae said...

I'm sorry you've been sick. I don't want to answer your question about whether or not I've been sick...afraid I will jinx things! kidding. My kids have been sick quite alot since school started this year, it seems almost all the kids around us have been.

My kids don't fake being sick so I let them stay home if they have any complaints. To be truthful, when Mouse was the same age as Lulu I let her stay home if she just seemed tired and needed a rest, which was pretty often. Bug is Lulu's age and never wants to miss school even when she is sick so if she asked me to stay home for any reason I think I'd let her!!!

They are little still and even when they feel run down (and I believe they get run down) they don't always know enough to just take it easy. Just being home playing for the day is down time compared to being at school.

I hope 2009 ends the illness and that 2010 is 'bug' free!

Sandra said...

We've had a major cold/flu once each month since school started this past September. For me it feels like 3 steps forward, 2 steps back as everything fitness-related goes out the window.

The girl's been having a bit of separation anxiety too - so I have actually "given in" to her playing hooky from JK once a week in the past couple of weeks. I did get frustrated a bit but am now going with the flow - soon enough I'll go from being "rockstar mommy" to "uncool mommy" and she won't want to spend as much time together.

On the "how do you know" part - I try to balance respecting her missing me and needing more time with me with her understanding that I do need time to do some things on my own.

Mac and Cheese said...

I've been thinking that I could be extremely wealthy if I could figure out out to convert phlegm to fuel. Tis the season...

Denguy said...

I make my kids go to school unless they're coughing up blood.