Friday, April 09, 2010

sushi samba

Where the heck does the time go these days?
For some reason things seem a bit more hectic than usual around here and our mini vacay in South Beach feels like forever ago.
But that's not to say that I'm still not salivating when I think about one of the most delicious dinners I've had in a while when we were there.
Sushi Samba.
There is a plethora of patios and restaurants along Lincoln Road and it can be a bit daunting trying to decide where to eat.
But when I saw all the bright orange umbrellas, funky chairs and great menu I was sold.
Bonus that big daddy has been to the New York location and gave it a thumbs up.
Mind you, I have to admit, I was a tad sceptical about the Japanese/ Brazilian combo menu.
Not two cultures I would have paired up together.
Boy was I wrong.
So So good.
We started with the tuna tataki white asparagus, fresh heart of palm, avocado, tatsoi, citrus soy 15.00
so fresh and so delicious.

And the green bean tempura with black truffle alioli 7.50
I almost licked the black truffle bowl clean.
We then moved onto the most delectable morsels of yumminess..

sushi samba “taquitos” (minimum 2 per order) served with spicy aji panca sauce and fresh lime
yellowtail seviche 6.00

Oh g-d were they good.
We ordered two different handrolls,

green envy wasabi pea crust, tuna, salmon, asparagus, aji amarillo-key lime mayo 12.00
and the ezo 24 hour soy marinated salmon, asparagus, red onion, chive, sesame, tempura flake wrapped in yellow soy paper with wasabi maionese 11.5
so incredibly fresh and delish.
am I starting to sound like a broken record?
Lulu wanted some dumplings along with her usual edemamme and Tobiko and avocado sushi.
So we ordered these...

pan steamed pork gyozas sweet onion compote and spicy ponzu 16.00

Honestly we could have kept eating- we wanted to try everything on the menu it was THAT good.
So in addition to Lulu's green tea ice cream our waiter suggested this for something sweet to finish off our fabulous meal..

Antichichos-sea bass and miso 12.00 & peruvian corn 6.00
Okay not what you would normally consider a dessert- but it was sweet and caramelized.
And the peruvian corn was to die for.
I'd never had it before and I can honestly say I am now hooked.
Wonder where I can get in in T.O.?
The table next to us ordered 4 bowls of it and were just eating that to start.
Now I get it.
Anyhow we had such a great meal.
Our waiter was so awesome and made our night.
The lovely cocktails didn't hurt either...

Yemanja vodka, Domaine de Canton, mint, lemongrass
and the most fantastic sake I've ever had.

So much so that we had two bottles of it!
But there's nothing better than a sake buzz in my opinion.
well maybe a good sushi buzz...
and we definitely had that.
Lulu chilled in her stroller after she ate and let us enjoy the Saki and the best people watching I've done in a while.
South beach is really a trip.

We didn't notice at the time, but they have an amazing kid's menu.
So not only is Sushi Samba hip, has great service, phenomenal food & resonably priced and in the perfect location- it's family friendly!
The perfect restaurant in my opinion.
10 out of 10 for sure.
can't wait to go back again.

$12.00 including dessert // $5.00 SambaKids Juice

baby bento
grilled organic chicken, steak or salmon
served with purple potato mash, veggie roll, seasonal fruit

samba sliders
two mini burgers served with sweet potato fries and seasonal fruit

grilled organic chicken, beef, or vegetable skewers
served with jumbo corn on the cob and seasonal fruit

sushi bites
four bite-sized rice balls topped with tuna, yellowtail, salmon, cucumber
served with a veggie roll and seasonal fruit

soft japanese rice cakes filled with ice cream and sprinkled with candy confetti

samba sundae
warm chocolate brownie topped with homemade vanilla ice cream served with
chocolate dipping sauce and a mini strawberry shake


coco leite
coconut milk, pineapple, mango juice

watermelon mojo
watermelon, lime, guava juice

berry fizz
raspberry, blackberry, lime, splash of soda juice

Now that's what I call a kid's menu- not a chicken finger in sight..


Betsy Mae said...

OMG! YUMMMMMMM You know where I live, if only we could find a place 1/2 as good as that sounds around here! I'm not sure I want you to post anymore reviews like this one...I might have to stop reading! Not fair!

kgirl said...

Sounds very good, but holy expensive!

Ms Blue said...

Mouth watering goodness. Need this!

kurrabikid said...

Mmmmmm - it all looks sensational!!

kittenpie said...

I had heard good things about the NYC version, it sounds really interesting, but I'm not getting anywhere soon!

Sonia said...

Looks and sounds absolutely yummy!!

If you're a real sushi aficionado, have you tried Sushi Kaji here in Toronto? My friend swears it's the best she has had anywhere. I won't try it because the idea of eating anything that moves in my mouth sends shivers down my back. Yep, BC shrimp that is SO fresh it still wiggles while you pop it into your mouth. Ew.