Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Earth day

Well I'm a little late with this post seeing that Earth Day was April 22nd.
But really, shouldn't every day be earth day?
The kids at school were asked to dress in blue or green- why not brown?
Earth is technically brown right?
They also did a bunch of cute projects about recycling and being more environmentally friendly.
Now when I'm prepping dinner, Lulu keeps a watchful eye in the back ground to let me know if I'm running the water too long while washing the veggies.
A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing....
And we all know the saying if it's yellow let it mellow- if it's brown flush it down.
But do we really need to sing it at the dinner table?
Okay to be honest, she really doesn't sing that at the dinner table- but she does in fact live by that particular motto- which I'm still not sure how I feel about.
Okay enough about that subject.
Anyhow I'm so glad that hopefully this new generation will be more mindful about the earth.
It's about time.

What are you doing to be more environmentally friendly these days?


kurrabikid said...

Well, since I write about sustainable living for, well, a living I have to say I attempt to do what I can.

We have 100% green power; we use an electric bike for short trips, small errands and my partner's daily commute; we grow our own veg; we collect rainwater for use on the garden; we have a solar panel that charges up mobile phones and the other small appliances; the night light E likes on all night is solar, so that gets a charge in the day so it can shine all night; we do the whole bicarb/vinegar green cleaning biz; we compost all food scraps; we use cloth nappies for the little one; we don't own a dryer.

What's great to see is that we're not that unusual. I think more and more of us are trying to do what we can. And that is excellent.

You're right - it's important to teach the next generation. Vital, I'd say.

petite gourmand said...

Kurrabikid- you put me to shame!!
that is amazing!
and I thought I was good rinsing and peeling labels off of cans!
good for you & your family- and the earth of course!

kgirl said...

You're teaching her well, mama. Just like our kids will never know a carride without seatbelts, or a phone with a rotary dial, it will also be completely normal for them to conserve, be aware, do their share. Which, of course, has no limits. We try to reduce our footprint all the time; we just got bikes, which will keep the car in the driveway more, and hopefully do a little something something for the love handles.

Betsy Mae said...

Oh my goodness, Kurrabikid that is amazing.

I am not the best at being environmentally friendly, my husband and kids are forever telling me to close the fridge door, turn the water off, that I'm not recycling/composting properly use less water in the tub etc etc. BUT I use a clothes line indoors and outdoors for most of my laundry. I would use a clothesline of all of my laundry if I had a longer line!

kurrabikid said...

Hey, I thought I should revisit my comment here to say that it's kinda my job to live green. I write a monthly sustainable living column for a certain homes/lifestyle magazine - so not only do I feel ethically bound to live the way I suggest to others, but I do a lot of research into various green/enviro topics and really, I know a fair bit about this stuff ... which then strongly influences the way we live. I am writing about supermarket cleaning products at the moment ... eek! Anyhow, hope I didn't come across as 'show-offy'; certainly didn't mean to!!

kittenpie said...

Yeah, Pumpkinpie seems occasional in her remembering - sometimes hypervigilant and trying to turn lights off when we are STILL IN THE ROOM, but sometimes forgetting to turn her light off behind her as she's been taught. Well, we'll keep on it and it'll sort itself out as she gets more focused, I suppose!