Tuesday, May 04, 2010

how old is old?

Lulu asked me today how old is old?
good question.
I guess it's all a state of mind I suppose.
Then she asked if everyone lives to be 100.
no- unfortunately not- or maybe not unfortunate, if you are looking at things from a health care perspective.
Do most people really want to live to be 100?
depends on the person I guess.
Sometimes after talking to my grandmother, I don't get the feeling she does- seeing as so many of her friends and her husband are already gone.
It must be lonely.
She'll be 90 this summer.
For the record, I hope she does live to be 100.
Lulu asked me how old the oldest person in the world is?
I guessed and said 115.
Turned out to be a good guess- as I just noticed this is the news today.
Makes me want to eat more sushi, thats for sure.
maybe a morbid topic- but hey when inquiring minds want to know...


Lynn said...

One day I was listening to the CBC and, in a news report, they described a man who had been in a car accident as "elderly." I got to wondering exactly when someone passed into "elderly" territory...it seems to imply a shakiness that is more than just old. 75 maybe? 80, for sure, I'd say.

So when does "middle aged" turn into "old"? Is is all a state of mind? Or can we say...60 is old? 65, maybe?

I wonder.

ko@zzzinc.com said...

Dear Petit Gourmand,
We are making a website for a client, and you posted a photo of their lobster roll in 2008. It is a beautiful photo, and we would like permission to use it, and the pic of their sign. We would add a link to your blog on the links page.
Please let us know if this is acceptable to you. Thank you.
(our studio is around the corner, and we get their delish veggie burger for lunch. Fish tacos are great, too)