Saturday, May 08, 2010

wallowing away

So I've been on a mission these past few weeks getting things crossed off the ol' To Do list.
Spring is all about renewal and fresh starts so I've been trying to take advantage of this time to clear the clutter so to speak.
Clothing being a big thing on my list.
Out with the old- and make room for the new.
Truth be told-our small closets leave me with few other options.
Over the last few years my size has changed, and quite frankly styles have really changed as well.
Not that I'm all about trends or anything- but I have really noticed a change in fashion in the past couple of seasons.
I try not to subscribe to the whole eighties revival look- because honestly- been there- done that.
It wasn't a good look on me in 1984 and it definitely isn't a good look for me in 2010.
Though I did manage to pick up a few cute things here.
But really it's all about comfort and practicality.
If I can't wear it to the park, then I probably won't buy it.
I said probably right?
Anyhow the only fashion I'm sporting at the moment is my black sweat suit and white fuzzy robe. (clutching my heating pad for dear life)
For the past THREE days!
As I was saying- I was on a roll getting things accomplished when bam! I get sidetracked with a very nasty flu.
You're not supposed to get the flu in May- wtf?
Today's the first day I'm actually somewhat coherent- but for the past 48 hours I've been down for the count.
Haven't felt this knocked on my ass in a long while.
Lulu has been super sweet- in fact a tad too sweet as she keeps trying to kiss and snuggle with me.
Not only is that uncomfortable (every muscle hurts) but I don't want her to catch what I have.
Even though I probably caught it from her in the first place as she was sick all last week.
The poor thing was like Linda Blair she had so much green stuff coming out of her nose.
Big daddy on the other hand could use a bit of work in his bedside manner.
I know I know- it's a total inconvenience for me to get sick- when he has to look after Lulu and g-d forbid feed her....gasp!
I know that he is super swamped with work at the moment.
But really- would it hurt to be a teensy bit compassionate?
oh sure he stopped on the way home to get some contact C for me- um thanks.
But I hate getting sick- and I really wish he would try to be a bit more sympathetic and not make me feel like
"when he gets sick he has to just deal with it- drug himself up and go to work"
That it's a "luxury" to stay home when you are sick.
Luxury huh?
That totally felt like a luxury taking Lulu to and from school yesterday- though I could barely see straight.
So that's my rant.
I'm annoyed that I'm down with the flu when I was on such a roll getting things done and that my partner in life is being such a schmuck.
Oh and I'm even more annoyed that I had to cancel our baby-sitter for tonight as we were going for dinner and to an art opening of an old friend that I would have loved to see.
oh and that tomorrow is mother's day and the last thing I really want is breakfast in bed, as that's what I've had for the past 3 days straight.
If you consider ginger tea and water "breakfast".
whah whah.

signed- feeling sorry for herself- aka the petitegourmand


Cheryl said...

Hope you feel better soon! The clothes at Anthropologie look awesome. I'm almost tempted to head out to the store right now.

Gabriella said...

Ohhh I hope you feel better soon. You're right May flu is the worst. And yeah, men just don't get it sometimes...

Haley-O said...

Oh! I hope you feel better. ((HUGS)) Try to have a Happy Mother's Day! xo

Anonymous said...

I`ve been wondering where you disappeared to... Hope you feel better soon!


Sonia said...

Advil Cold and Flu or Cold and Sinus rocks my world. Seriously, it's that good.

Hope you feel better. It's never fun being sick in Spring or Summer..and definitely not on Mother's Day.

Hope you feel better soon and try to enjoy your special day today!

kgirl said...

Hope you're feeling better for mama's day, mama. If it's any consolation, I have had vertigo all week, which sucked, but it did force me to lose a few lbs - too nauseous to eat.

Mac and Cheese said...

Wallowing permitted. This too shall pass.

Karen MEG said...

Okay, I love, love, love Anthro - those are beautiful tops!

But it sucketh that you got the flu - yuck!!! Both my kids got hit by a bug, 48 hr only, thank goodness, but of course while hubs was away...and now I am fighting it myself. Fun stuff.

I hope you got to have at least a bit of a happy Mother's day, as you certainly deserve it. Hopefully your schmuck (and we've got one here sometimes) did something special for ya!

Hugs and hope you're better!

kittenpie said...

We've been sick a lot this past month or two, and are nursing a really extra brutal cold right now - it feels so crappy to be sick when you are hoping to be done with winter and the germs that come with it! The weather is emphatically NOT helping, that's for sure. Hope you feel better soon.

And I had a little trip to Anthropolgie myself lately - so much lovely, tempting stuff. sigh.

amanda said...

This is a little late... but I hope you're feeling better. If it helps at all my husband is the same way. And he is a total baby when he's sick. So annoying.

Randomly - I bought those two exact shirts (the first in navy and the second in a brownish color) from anthropologie a few weeks ago. Shrunk them both. Totally bummed. Anyway, kinda weird that we bought the same ones. hehe.