Thursday, May 20, 2010

so you think you can dance

Lulu had her first official dance recital a few weeks ago and can I just say what a proud mama I was when seeing her on stage?
She remembered all her ballet moves and was a ham as per usual.
or I guess in this case- a bunny.
I was more than a little misty.
I'm so glad she loves dancing as much as I did.
But nowadays it usually involves a bit of liquid courage on my part.
then again- if I'm being completely honest- Lulu & I were dancing to a little Ida Corr-Let Me Think About It- in the kitchen at lunch today.
The only liquid I had consumed by 12 o'clock was an orange juice and a green tea.
Anyhow I love busting a move or two with my girl- I just hope she has a bit more rhythm than I do as she gets older.
Going to keep up with those dance lessons for sure.


Lynn said...

Oh MAN, that is adorable :).

Sonia said...

She is adorable in her costume! Way to go Lulu!

I can't wait until my DD has her recital the first weekend in June. :D