Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Mel Gibson said it best whilst clad in a kilt with blue warrior paint smeared across his face in Braveheart when he shouted "FREEDOM!!"
and no not while he was being pulled over for D.U.I in L.A. or in a drunken craze on the phone with his soon to be ex-wife.
Talk about a man with a temper....yikes...

Anyhow back to freedom- or more specifically- MY freedom during the month of July so far.
Lulu went to camp Grandma & Grandpa last week and had a great time.
Big Daddy & I had almost six full days of childlessness.
Our longest stretch to date- and I must say- long overdue.
It was a really great break for all parties.
Last week it was so great to just take a stroll around the neighbourhood holding hands after dark.
We went for some really fantastic meals at a few restaurants I had been dying to try out.
I also read a bunch of great books-such a treat! stay tuned for some book reviews soon.
But just having some down time was so fantastic.
It makes such a huge difference.
Sometimes it takes being apart to realize how much you love someone.
Our someone being sweet Lulu of course.
Who btw- is back to being as sweet as can be.
She's in camp for the next two weeks from 8:30-3:30 and once again I have so much freedom.
I am so not used to this.
I'm trying to catch up with things and starting to feel creative again as a result.
Such a great feeling and a real bonus that I have a very talented photographer at my disposal to collaborate with when time allows it.
I don't have any camps or anything planned for the month of August- not that I want to think that far ahead- so I'm really trying to just embrace this quiet time and appreciate it as much as possible.
Because in a few short weeks it will be back to camp Mommy 24/7.

As much as I love my little bean- it's so great to have a breather so that I can appreciate her all the more.
Rested momma= happy & more patient Momma & daddy- which in turn = happy and better behaved Lulu.


Mac and Cheese said...

My philosophy exactly! Indulge yourself as much as possible for the good of the whole family!

Gabriella said...

I completely agree!!

Sonia said...

Enjoy your YOU time!

Don't you just LOVE camp? My kids were in gymnastics camp for 1 week (9-5pm) and it was pure heaven. They are doing swimming lessons daily for 2 weeks and then they have Planet Kid's camp for 1 week near the end of summer. I look forward to the "me" time again. :o)

kgirl said...

Sounds unbelievable. I'm sure you enjoyed every second :) Good to have some time for yourself. (not that I know what that's like, but I can imagine ;)