Monday, January 24, 2011

Feeling Flaky

These day's I'm trying to stay on track and continue to eat right.
Especially all the feel good mood boosting foods like sweet potato, avocado, blood oranges and grapefruit, kale and collard greens, brown rice, tofu, green tea, pomegranate, salmon, walnuts and almonds, oatmeal and quinoa.
You name it, I'll do or eat anything to boost the ol' mood and keep
Mrs. Crusty McGrumpiness at bay.
It's mid January and ridiculously freezing outside and lately I find myself finding it harder and harder to get up in the mornings despite the 4-7 hours I'm spending at the gym each week and the solid 8+ hours of sleep I've been getting.
Isn't exercise supposed to make you feel more energized?

Anyhow, my diet is good, I exercise, I'm getting plenty of rest these days, I take my vitamins- yet I still feel blah.
So what's a girl to do?
I'll tell you what.
Hit her local bakery that's what.
Carbs- schmarbs.
Nothing beats the blues like a warm pastry from one of the amazing french bakeries in my neighbourhood.
A few weeks ago we shared one of these..

mmmm....warm, perfectly flaky with a soft almond filling...yum.
Now that my friends is enough to banish the blues away (or at least until my next trip to the patisserie.)
As is custom for a new year Galette de Rois there is a little treat inside the filling.
Whomever finds it is king for the day (or has to make an emergency trip to the dentist.)
Guess who found it?
Thankfully before choking on it or ruining my pearly off-whites.
Now that makes me happy.

Last time I checked I've never found a miniature porcelain trinket inside a banana.
I'm just saying...


Mac and Cheese said...

I feel a little bit inadequate reading this while chomping down on a Vachon cake. It is a Mae West though!

Sonia said...

Mmmm..that looks so yummy!

I've been trying to be good with my diet. Lately, I've been sprinkling chia seeds on everything. I even put some in my protein drink in the morning. I'm hoping they'll help "fill" me up, reduce the absorption of the bad stuff into my body and give me an extra boost of omega 3's.

The only down side is they get stuck in your teeth and make you look like you've got black cavities galore. I think the health benefits are worth the teeth hassle. Dental floss becomes your best friend..which is a good thing since my teeth get an extra flossing. :)