Sunday, January 30, 2011

Only 48 more days until spring

January turned out to be a full and busy month.
I kind of thought that it would be more a time for hibernation and being home-bound due to not wanting to venture out in this frigid weather, feeling lazy, and generally a time for quiet reflection (aka watching a ridiculous amount of television).
Definitely this has not been the case for us at all.
During the month we went up north to a ski resort for a weekend which was super fun.
Visited with family.
We've been out socially probably more than we had during the holidays.
Which is pretty often I must say.
We've been out to dinner a bunch of times, went latin dancing, yes I said latin dancing.
I know I know...not my usual kind of thing to do, but I figured why not?
Can't think of a better way to stay warm than to shake my booty to some salsa music.
I've had a few girls nights out too, which is always so much fun.
I love connecting with my girlfriends and even better when you actually get to make new friends too.
Who knew "tupperware" parties, book clubs and cougars night out could be so much fun?
We have also really embraced the winter this year doing lots of outdoor activities like skating and tobogganing.
Lulu is getting so great on skates.
It's so much easier to skate with her now that I don't have to hold on to her constantly.
Lulu even got the opportunity to be in her first video this month.
She had her own lines, which she delivered like a pro.
It goes without saying that her social life has been even more active than ours.
Lots of play-dates, dancing, drama class, piano recitals, building killer snow forts with her dad, going to plays and the ballet, visits to the Science is very good for a five year old around here.
I've been busy with some creative work projects which is always a good thing.
I've also been on a reading roll this month and read a few really excellent books.
Nothing better than escaping into a great novel on a cold winter night.
So all in all not a bad way to pass the time during the winter.
Now, only 48 more days to kill until spring is finally here....

Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories. ~From the movie An Affair to Remember

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kurrabikid said...

Meanwhile I am here, cursing the humidity and dreaming of March!