Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sound Bites

There are days when I feel like I'm a 27 year old trapped in a 40 year old's body.
Sure I'm responsible and for the most part, fairly mature when it comes to life, don't get me wrong.
Then again I was pretty responsible at 27 too.
But when it comes to music, I feel very different from my fellow peers and other moms.
I love discovering new bands (even better when they are easy on the eyes)

I can't tell you how many dinner parties that we have gone to and the music is just BAD.
I mean Rock Lobster? realllY?
and Love shack by The B-52's?
And do we really need to hear more Lady GaGa? do we?
It's always too loud and then the obligatory dance in the same spot around the kitchen island embarrassment ensues.
Myself or big daddy try our best not to partake, regardless of how much Pinot was consumed.
I draw the line at being a dancing cougar.
I love my friends, don't get me wrong, but man their taste in music is quite frankly...awful.
Or at least in my not-so-humble-opinion.
(and if I know you and you are reading this you most likely do not fall into this category)

There is the type of music you play when you have friends for dinner and are trying to have a conversation, then the kind you just want to party to, and then there is the kind you play when you are in your car, there's the cooking dinner variety and then the early morning get up and go (or even better ease into the day kind)
My point is, there's so much great music out there that has a time and a place.
With itunes, Satellite radio & the awesome app. 8tracks, there really shouldn't be an excuse for listening to bad music.
Then again, maybe these are the reasons for all the bad music.
Too much to choose from.

Big daddy & I were out for dinner last weekend and the restaurant we were at was playing THE WORST music.
It completely ruined our dining experience.
That being said the previous weekend we were out as well and this restaurant was playing THE BEST music.
We didn't want to leave.
That's the way it should be.

So speaking of good music...
This is what's been in rotation around here these days around my place.

The Antlers- Burst Apart
Foster The People- Torches
Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean (going to see then live on Saturday!!)
Little Dragon- Ritual Union
Beirut- The Rip Tide
Bon Iver- For Emma
Kings Of Convienence- everything they've ever done
Angus & Julia Stone- Hollywood
Azure Ray- Wake Up Sleepy Head
Elephant Parade- Bedroom recordings
Rosie Thomas- All The way From Michigan
SeaBear- The Ghost That Carried Us Away
Sufjan Stevens- Seven Swans
Fleet Foxes- Fleetfoxes
The Go Find- Stars On The Wall
Gem Club- Breakers (so hauntingly beautiful)
Kings Of Leon- these boys..huge crush on all the Followells.
Hot Chip- The Warning
Waldecks Gramaphone
Francis England- Mind Of My Own, Lulu knows all the cute.
Stan Getz- Standards
Roger Miller- Classic

Okay so maybe the vast majority of this music isn't really music to party to.
Then again it depends on what you define as a good party...

What are you listening to these days?


Gabriella said...

I love music as well, former "Sam the Record" employee here! I've not heard of any of the music you're listening too right now, save for Stan Getz, sadly I am stuck once again in kiddie music and sadly Samantha is loving all top 40 music; Usher, Lady Gaga, etc...while that music is fine for when we're driving about I miss my days of scouring music stores for new bands to listen to.
I don't have satellite radio nor an Iphone so my main source of music these days is the radio, mainly 97.3 as it's all 80's and 70's and right now that's all I enjoy listening too...guess I'm trying to relive my youth ;-)

Missed your writing, glad to see a post up!!!

kurrabikid said...

You know, I'd love to say I was a bit funky on the musical side of things. But I would be lying! I hear the latest in 'popular tunes' (!) on the wireless (!) in the car and can generally sing along. Ask me the name of the bands though? No idea. So my question to you is ... how DO you stay hip with the kids?! How do you FIND what's new? Any tips on improving my general coolness would be much appreciated...!

petite gourmand said...

Oh I am far from cool.
But I do have to say I do have an appreciation for cool music.
or at least Id like to think so.
I rarely listen to the radio aside from a local jazz station 91.1 or the CBC radio 3
Also when I'm sick of the itunes I have in my car I will listen to Q107- a vintage rock station.
Always gives me fun flashbacks.
As far as contemporary music, I'm lucky that Big daddy's old producer is in a band and has impeccable taste in music.
So she helps to keep me current.
Also I love that itunes/genius gives suggestions for music you like.
I also read Rollingstone on line some times and there's lots of blogs out there that have great suggestions.
One band always mushrooms into another one.
good luck and let me know if you like any of my suggested bands.
(Julia & Angus Stone are fellow Aussies I believe. Love them, hope you do too)

Anonymous said...

FINALLY, the Petite Gourmand playlist I have been begging for! Thank you, I will be checking these out on itunes. Where have you been btw? I never see you anymore!