Tuesday, December 13, 2011

dreaming of a green christmas

It's hard to believe it's already the middle of December and it's still pretty green outside.
As much as fluffy flakes get me in the the Christmas mood, I'll take 10+ degree temperatures mid Dec. any day.
It makes running around doing errands that much easier.
It also makes the winter seem that much shorter.
I think last year we had already had a few major snow storms by this time.

I do wish I had more interesting things to write about other than the weather (once again) , but (once again) my mind is drawing a blank.
I've been so sick & tired these days (once again) that I've got nothin'.
Last week we were out every night, which was fun, but unfortunately as a result, I'm having a hard time getting over a lovely sinus infection.
wah wah..
Jeez, I'm sure no one wants to read about me and my never ending bouts of colds & flus, but the only reason I write about them is so that I can some day (hopefully) look back and remember that it was just a phase.
And it's part of having young kids in school and that just like teething, potty training and sleepless nights, it too shall pass.

Besides I'm pretty sure no one really reads this blog anymore.
And if you are going to complain and whine, it might as well be on a blog and not at all the holiday parties we still have to go to.
oh and on the up side, who knew that cold medicine gave you such a weird buzz?
who needs run & eggnog..
always a silver lining I suppose..

I'm also hoping that by the time Christmas rolls around, I will have had some down time to sit and contemplate 2011 and what it meant to me.
Aside from being sick 60% of the time.
And more importantly what I would like 2012 be like.
Hopefully virus free.


Gabriella said...

I'm still reading! Miss your writing a lot too!! I don't think people read blogs too much anymore or rather comment. They've all jumped ship over to Twitter now and FB.
I once got a buzz/odd/outofit/ feeling from overdosing on Buckley's cough medicine a while back.
Hope you start feeling better and enjoy the holidays!!!
And happy birthday also, I remember it being in December I think like mine!

Anonymous said...

I check in also, love reading what you write...don't comment often though.
Hope you are feeling better and that you can join me in the front row,I miss your energy!

kurrabikid said...

I read! And I wish you a happy Christmas and a virus-free new year!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog! It seems to be the only way to keep in touch with you these days! Feel better and hope to see you soon.


Sonia said...

Still reading! I'm currently sick too so I completely understand how you're feeling. My kiddies are 6 and almost 9, but they are still bringing the sickness home with them. Argh.

Happy Holidays! Hoping you feel well enough by Sunday!