Friday, December 02, 2011

on the first day of christmas

For some reason this year I'm finding myself totally getting into the spirit of Christmas.
Maybe it's having a 6 year old that is doing it?
Or maybe the arrival of the first flakes of the white stuff yesterday that has me humming holiday tunes.
Whatever it is though, I'm liking it.
Having never been a big fan of the Christmas season, I like my new outlook on things.
It's so much more fun than being a bah-humbug.
Bonus that I already have a big chunk of my Christmas shopping finished already.
As in Santa.
Love Mastermind Toys.
One stop shopping at it's best.
I also love that Lulu asked for a few small and simple things.
Hex bugs- check
lego- check
micro phone with stand- lord help me- check
magic set-check
new art supplies- check

10 drummers drumming...

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