Wednesday, January 18, 2012

like riding a bike

So we finally bit the bullet this winter and decided to outfit the entire family with all new ski gear.
All I can say to that is, Cha-Ching $$$.
Who knew how much things had gone up in price since the nineties?
Anyhow we have been hymning and hawing about it for a few years now so I'm glad we finally got around to purchasing new skis and all the cute accessories that go with them.
And I have to say it was worth every penny.

But in all fairness Lulu really hasn't expressed any interest in hitting the slopes (save for tobogganing) until this year.
We tried last year but she just wasn't ready.
I don't think big daddy or I started skiing until we were both around 9 or 10 years old, so she's already got a head start on us.
Then again I saw a ton of little mini people (as in 3 years old) on the hills.
They were all so cute and SO Fearless!
Lulu is much more cautious, and that's completely okay by me.
I never like to push her into anything until she is ready.
With the exception of bed time. I'm ruthless when it comes to that.
It's non-negotiable around our house.
Some nights I practically push her into bed. Literally.

So we ended up going up north for the weekend, stayed at The Westin which is always fun.
They are even dog friendly so the whole family got to enjoy.
I could have completely done without the minus frickin' 25 degree weather though.
I had hot shots in my boots and mitts and was pretty close to shoving a few down the back of my ski pants.
Why is it that the older you get, the colder you get?
I totally don't remember ever being that cold when skiing as a teenager.
Then again, that might have to do with the wine skin stashed under my bright Kelly green Ispo Ski Jacket.
Oh I looked cool very cool....;
It was all fun and games until "someone" fell and broke their ski horizontally at the binding.
Not mentioning any names or anything...
Lesson learned.
Nothing but hot chocolate while hitting the slopes from now on.

Anyhow it was super fun and a great way to spend the weekend.
Lulu and big daddy even took a dip in the outdoor pool and hot tub.
I chickened out and opted to sit by the fire with Chelsea and read my book instead.
I love that Lulu is finally at an age where we all get to do things as a family that is fun for everyone.
I LOVE six.
Six rocks.
I just wish she could stay this age forever.

And did I mention how happy we are that she is totally over playing princess?
If I had to wear one more tiara I might have gone off the deep end.
Then again I did like it when she dubbed me "Queen Mommy."
I kind of miss that part actually.
Either way I'm pretty proud of my little princess and how great she was, especially for her first time on skis.


Gabriella said...

Sounds like a great weekend was had! And you are so right six is the best age. I can't see it getting better than this. Six and a one year old though not so rockin', yet...

We've also thought about putting Samantha in skiing but are holding off a bit, right now it's all about the skating :-)

Sandra said...

Skiing is such a great family activity! We both board and R is in her third year of skiing. Now that we are back in the west coast we can board/ski every weekend. Fun.

And yes, six IS such a great age! Loving it...

Anonymous said...

I look forward to six with 'Marls' (the nickname has stuck, thanks Lulu!)... You would think 5 would be the same, but it totally isn't. Btw, if you love 6, wait for 8. I have noticed a big jump in maturity level with Cam over the past few months...


Tania said...

Im not ready to praise six just yet, but I do appreciate the ski factor. We've been doing weekly lessons but the Westin sounds great, especially the dog-friendly bit. Are they two-big-dogs-friendly?