Wednesday, March 07, 2012

international house of

Lately dinner has become a bit of a geography lesson around our house.
Monday we had Middle Eastern - Falafel & Tabbouleh Quinoa salad
Tuesday we had Indian- Chicken Tikka, basmati rice and green beans
Saturday we had Japanese- sushi take-out plus Italian Panini's for lunch (see previous post)
And one of my Favourites- Korean on Sunday.
Yummy Kimchi.
We found an amazing new Korean grocery store that has everything you'll even need to make the perfect Korean meal.
I'm dying to do some BBQ Korean short ribs now that the weather is getting nicer.
I think it would be great to have friends over (not the ones mentioned in the previous post of course) and do a traditional Korean Barbecue.
Its all so simple and delicious.

I love that Lulu is pretty adventurous when trying new types of food, and quite honestly prefers Asian, Middle Eastern and Italian food to typical North American food.
The bonus is that it's all so tasty and healthy.
Over dinner we discuss where the food is from, where it is on the map, what the culture is like etc.
It makes for great dinner time discussions.
And it's such a fun way to teach her about the world, yet not have to get on a plane and go anywhere.
(not to say I wouldn't love to take her to these places some day)
But for now it's geography 101 here from the comfort of our own dinner table.

How about you, what's your favourite food and country of origin?


Tania said...

I could eat indian food all day, every day.

Sonia said...

I agree with Tania. We LOVE Indian food! I prefer it flavorful over spicy though.

I bow my head in shame. I am Korean, but I can't handle spicy anymore. bulgogi on the bbq!