Friday, April 13, 2012

happy belated EasterOver

Yes, another gratuitous photo of my lovable puppy.
The poor little thing puts up with so much shenanigans around here.
She never protests even when we do completely ridiculous things to her.
Like for example dressing her up like the Easter Bunny.
But how cute is that?

Lulu & her friends treat her like one of their toys, and she never makes a peep.
Mind you I'm always near by to make sure it doesn't go too far.
I am uber protective of my little pooch.
I can't believe how dog obsessed I've become.
I honestly can't imagine our home without her in it.
She is completely a part of the family and we truly won the doggie lottery and found the sweetest dog in the world.
Getting her was the best decision ever.

Moving on...
Last weekend was a bit of blur.
Between Matzo & countless amounts of chocolate mini eggs, the weekend was jammed packed.

This has to be hands down one of my favorite times of the year.

I love Seders and I especially love how Lulu is really starting to understand some of the traditions and participates in them.
We always have one here at home and then go to friends for a big fun (often very loud) Seder.
Easter is usually spent with my family.
Traditional "kosher" ham and of course an Easter egg hunt.
So much fun.

The trees are starting to blossom, it's been sunny and nice out for weeks and everyone seems to have a little extra spring in their step.
'scuse the pun...
Bonus that the week kind of flew by and once again it's the weekend.
Spring has sprung!

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Gabriella said...

I love that dog!!

Easter too is one of my fav, love doing the eggs and eating all the chocolate and it usually means that spring is right around the corner!!