Thursday, April 05, 2012

my current obsession (aside from Mad Men)

Gosh, when was the last time I posted about food?
I guess I've fallen into the busy school year/ fast & easy midweek/ same ol' same ol' meals.
I never thought it would happen to me.
Meatless Mondays.
Taco or rotisserie chicken on Tuesdays.
Tofu, rice & greens on Wednesdays.
Fish on Thursdays
Pizza Fridays.
You get the point.
But time is of the essence these days and I rarely get to peruse cookbooks and food magazines for inspiration like I used to.
So nothing really exciting to post about I guess.

Not that fast, easy, tried & true dinners are a bad thing.
In fact we still eat really well here at casa petite gourmand.
But I find I tend to make many of the same things through out the week.
Especially when it comes to breakfast & lunch.
We consumed copious amounts of homemade chicken soup this winter.
I'm pretty sure we had it at least 2- 3 times a week for the past 4 months actually.
Not that much beats a good homemade warm bowl of chicken soup in the middle of the day.

But now that it's spring, I've been craving something new, healthy, fresh and most importantly-tasty.
Not to mention super fast.
I love salads, but I rarely have time to do all that chopping in the middle of the day and I'm never organized enough to plan it the night before.
Besides, we usually have some sort of salad for dinner.
I feel super guilty if I eat sandwiches or wraps everyday.
Not that I'm carb free, but I try not to eat too much wheat especially of the white variety.
The only bread I usually buy is for Lulu and it's the high fiber white chia Cobs bread.
Which is healthy and fresh, but I like my bread much darker and denser with lots of seeds.
Which brings me to my newest obsession.

Toasted rye or pumpernickel (European style the denser the better) Topped with sliced Avocado & thinly sliced Radish, sea salt & pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

Open faced.
or my other new fave- Toasted rye with Avocado & Sardines.
Double YUM.

I can't believe I had never tried sardines until now!
I've been missing out all this time.
The thought of them kind of grossed me out, but after reading something about sardines being SO good for you and considered to be a super food along with avocados I figured I would give them a try.

how about you, what do you eat for lunch everyday?
Inquiring minds want to know..

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Tania said...

I completely resent making lunch, and basically pick at whatever is in the fridge all afternoon to avoid having to make something. I have culinary anger management issues.