Monday, June 25, 2012

friday night delight

I forgot how much I love Terroni.
Or should I say "we" love Terroni.
It's definitely a family favourite.
It's always so consistent and each time we go there we are almost never disappointed.

When they closed for renovations last winter (Yonge & St. Clair location) we missed it and didn't really find a decent neighbourhood replacement.
Enter the months of frozen pizza on friday nights.
The only good thing is that we probably saved a ton of money.
there's something to be said about staying in and cracking your own good bottle of wine.
Terroni is good, but inexpensive it is not.
I still can't believe we spend close to $20 on Lulu's pizza or Gnocchi.
But it is so worth it. yum..
When we really needed a fix though, we would head a few more blocks south to the Adelaide location.
Big daddy also orders lunch from the Queen st. location at least once a week as well.
Lucky him.
We are fans, what can I say?
But now that the new Summerhill location is almost finished (aside from the new patio) we are so happy.
It's our Friday night no-brainer.
Though I have to also give a shout out to the new Pizza Libretto location on the Danforth.
Also excellent.

Haven't taken Lulu there yet, but I'm sure she will approve.
Oh and for the record, the "sunglasses" she has on in the photo above, are actually the 3D glasses she got at the movie before dinner.
The girl is stylin' but not that affected.
yet. gulp.

How about you, what's your favourite go to family restaurant?

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Tania said...

I used to be able to see Terroni from my livingroom. OOOOhhhhhhh how I miss it!