Thursday, June 07, 2012

june express

It's funny how when you have small children you think "when they get a bit older I'll have so much more free time."
But you don't.
Or at least I don't.
The days or should I say months are just flying by.
The last month of school is always a bit of a scramble.
All in a good way, but it seems like so much happens in the last month of the school year.

But at least I can take a big sigh breath of relief that some of Lulu's after school activities are coming to a close.
No more rushing after school to dance classes and piano for a while.
For now she can just enjoy playing with friends and practicing her "cross overs" on the monkey bars and working on her cart wheels.
No rushing, no more "hurry up we're going to be late!"
That goes for me as well.
Well the playing with my friends part and not rushing so much.
and no I haven't perfected my cartwheel yet either..

There are so many social things happening over the next few weeks.
I'm trying to pace myself and take each day at a time.
Canadians really do try to make the most out of summer and it's seems like we have things booked already all the way to September.
How did that happen?
As long as there is still some down time and a chance to read, relax, stay healthy and catch up with friends I'm happy.

We've been debating starting a major reno for quite some time now and I can't even imagine starting a huge project at the moment.
We keep bumping it from the priority list even though we would love to fine tune some of the things we wished we had done when we first moved in almost 8 years ago.
I already mentioned the time flying part right?
Anyhow I guess there is no perfect time to staring ripping out floors and doing a kitchen renovation but I know that it definitely isn't June.

Anyhow bit of a boring post, but that's all I've got for now.
Like I said, very glad that the school year is winding down.
Though the thought of Lulu moving forward into grade TWO blows my mind..

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Lynn said...

I constantly feel this way - that if only we can get past this one more hump, this one more thing, this one more busy time, *then* I'll have more time for those big projects that keep getting pushed out. Life is SO crazy, and you're right - as they get older, it just seems to get busier.

It's a good busy, but still...I need just a second or two on the side to breathe.