Tuesday, September 04, 2012

back to school

How is it already the first day of school?
It's crazy how fast the summer went by.
But I for one couldn't be happier.
I love the routine and I'm so happy that Lulu loves it as well.
She thrives when she is learning new things.
Then again, don't we all?
We find out in the morning of the first day who her teacher will be and who her classmates are.
This does cause a wee bit of anxiety. Admittedly more for me than Lulu.
But I'm so relieved that she really scored in the teacher department this year and as a bonus has a bunch of her favourite friends in her class which she was thrilled about. (me too for that matter..whew..)
I do have to say that we really have some phenomenal teachers at our school, so either way she would have been in great hands.
I feel so fortunate that she goes to such a great neighbourhood school with such a committed and enthusiastic faculty.
Despite the torrential downpours, the first day couldn't have gone better.
Although she had a super fun summer I think it's so great to be back.

I hope your first day back at school went as well as ours..

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