Monday, November 12, 2012

last leaf standing

                                                                The one red leaf, the last of it's clan,
                                                                That dances as often a dance it can.
                                                              Hanging so light, and hanging so high,
                                                             On the topmost twig that looks up at the sky.
                                                                      ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge ~

Or in this case..yellow...

Almost all the leaves have fallen from the beautiful old trees surrounding our house.
That is, the ones that are still left standing.
We spent the better part of the day yesterday raking and in big daddy's case- blowing them all away.
The man sure does love his leaf blower...
What an incredible day to be outside, the weather could not have been nicer.
It was like a contrite gift from Mother Nature after the wrath of Sandy last week.

It's sad to say good-bye to yet another autumn.
It always seems so fleeting.
Just when you start to get used to the fall, the local hardware store has the shovels and tobogans displayed front and center.
Let's just hope we have a few more weeks though.
I'm not quite ready to say good-bye to Autumn 2012 just yet...

Oh and one of my favourite children's books, perfect for this time of year is 
Fletcher And The Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson.
Lulu & I just love the story and the sweet illustrations.


kurrabikid said...

Swap you - we're about to head into summer and the authorities are predicting a HOT one. Eek. I don't do hot weather that well, I'm afraid!

gabriella said...

Mine loves his leaf blower too!! Men and their toys! It was a beautiful fall, hopefully the winter won't be too too bad!! I'll just think of hot chocolate and warm fires :-)