Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful days

I know it's American thanksgiving this weekend, and we had ours weeks ago, but I'm feeling particularly thankful these past few days.
Every so often I kind of have to remind myself how fortunate I really am.

First of all, the weather for the month of November has been absolutely fantastic.
There's something about blue crisp skies, sunny days and above seasonal normal temperatures that always puts a bit of extra pep in my step.

Speaking of a little extra pep in her step, I'm so incredibly grateful for my beautiful daughter.
I try to be thankful for her everyday, but lately I am just so happy to watch her in action.
She is just so full of joy.
It's contagious..
Always happy and full of energy.
She is excelling in school, has lots of great little friends and has been pretty healthy so far this school year.
Knock wood.
When she is happy- I'm happy.

I'm also so incredibly appreciative for my amazing husband.
The past few years have not been without their challenges, but I feel like we weathered the storm and made it out okay.
16 years and still standing side by side.
He is such a hard working guy and I'm so lucky to have him as a partner.
You could not find a better provider or anyone more loyal and caring than Big Daddy.
He does so much for our family so selflessly and I'm just....well.....verklempt....

Anyhow just wanted to put it out there.
It's good to talk stock of all the good things in life when you can.
Because life really is beautiful....

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone south of the border...

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janet bailey said...

sounds pretty darn good. xox jb