Monday, December 10, 2012

decking the halls

Well I guess we are officially into the holiday season.
I usually don't start to think about Christmas until my birthday is over and done with on December 3rd.
sigh....yes...another year has come and gone...and now unfortunately I can no longer say that I just turned 40.
There's no way around it, I'm full-on in my forties.
42. How the heck did that happen?!
Anyhow, despite my middle age...I feel great. Or at least for the most part.
Trying to ignore the fact that I now have to hold things away from me when reading.
(time for reading glasses I guess..sigh..)
I feel like such a cliche.
Also the perpetual aches & pains that tend to pop up here or there at any given time.
Lately the here or there being my knees.
Should they be making that sound when I bend down?....yikes....
Sadly it maybe time to ease off on the kick boxing classes for a couple of weeks.
But to help remedy all that, I spent my B-day at the new 4 Seasons Spa.
Best. Massage. Ever.
What a treat!
The spa is so lovely and relaxing I honestly didn't want to leave.
Did I mention, Best. Massage. Ever. already?
90 minutes of pure bliss.
I also had a nice dinner with my family and bonus that one of my favourite uncles happened to be in town.
So all in all, it was a fun way to deal with getting yet another year older.
I mean celebrate...

Anyhow as is tradition, as soon as all that nonsense is out of the way I like to get the house all festive and start to decorate.
First things first- send big daddy out to get our Christmas tree aka Hanukkah Bush.
We thought about heading up north to cut our own, but I figured I might have been pushing my luck a bit with Big D.
Seeing as we only started doing a tree in past few years when Lulu could get into it.
Before that, we would just have Christmas at my parents.
But I really do like having a tree, falling needles be damned.
It's so nice.
The smell, the twinkling lights.
It just feels so official.
So now we just need to decorate it.
Planning on making a bunch of homemade decorations with Lulu this year.
She is beside herself with excitement over the prospect of being able to glue, glitter and glamourize the tree with her mamma.
It really is adorable how excited she is.
and I confess...I think I'm even a little excited too.
Having a seven year old is THE best.
Bonus that she can now read the baking instructions until I finally break down and get myself a pair of reading glasses...


Lynn said...

I turned 42 in November and got my first pair of bifocals - BIFOCALS - this month. Official Ancient. GAH.

Seven year olds really ARE the best :).

Anonymous said...

No need to ease off the cardio kickbox... just stop jumping so high!!:)

I can't wait until I have a 7 year old - hoping we are going to turn a corner when we get there...

Miss you, R.

janet said...

Sounds like fun! xo