Sunday, December 30, 2012

countdown until 2013

Well as 2012 draws to a close, I have to say that I am quite ready to ring a new year.

A few weeks ago I was feeling a bit overly confident when chatting to someone about how I think we have finally turned a corner on the health front this year and that maybe our immune systems are finally getting stronger after three years in the school system.
Should have kept my mouth shut.
Needless to say, the sick fairy dropped by our house on Christmas morning and doesn't know when to take the hint that it's time to leave.

Big daddy has the cold that just won't quit. Two weeks of misery and still hanging on.
I unfortunately got steam rolled by the flu and was in bed for three days. Thankfully am now on the mend.
But my sweet Lulu has been as sick as I've ever seen her.
She was clobbered by the flu then also a very nasty viral infection that won't go away.
She hasn't eaten in a week.
Has zero energy and is coughing so much that I'm feeling the need to take her to the doctor for a second opinion. (unfortunately we were already at the Dr. office on Friday...good times)
Poor Lulu has had the worst Christmas ever.
We cancelled everything we had planned for last week.
Theatre tickets, dinner with friends, skiing up north with friends, enjoying the first snowfall, Christmas dinner!
I think I'm more disappointed than Lulu though.
Yesterday she said to me (in her stuffed up weak little voice) "good thing I didn't get this sick during school mama and on my holiday instead so that I won't miss any school work"
I mean seriously?
Breaks my heart.
To add insult to injury, the fish that she got for Christmas (the only thing she really really wanted and asked for from Santa) died after only 24 hours.
Devastated is an understatement.

Oh and to top things off Chelsea knowing that Lulu isn't feeling well, hasn't really left her side and was snuggled up with her on her bed.
But she accidentally fell off and injured her leg and started limping and shaking.
Not my puppy too...gah...
Add one emergency trip to the vet hospital after hours (cha ching $$) to the list.
Oh and to add a little extra drama it all went down during our first official snow storm.

And there you have it- Worst. Christmas. ever.

So yes. Very much looking forward to the end of 2012- and hopefully with any luck everyone will be happy & healthy once again.



janet said...

OH NO! It sounds like a doozey of a xmas! Well, what can we do? New years is now upon us and it can only be onwards and upwards. May Lauren be healthy and on the mend soon - and puppy too! Hope Mommy and Daddy are ok. Look forward, not back. Happy New Year! xoxo

Sonia said...

Gah...sounds like our household! We've had bouts of stomach flu, double ear infections and the 3 week flu with a lingering cough. We're all finally better, but Christmas and New Year's was rough. Hope your family is feeling better now.