Sunday, December 16, 2012

sad state of events

I'm not really sure how to begin this post.
There are no words really to convey the shock and horror over the tragedy that took place Friday in Newtown Connecticut.
It's beyond comprehension how someone could do what they did.
My heart goes out to all those innocent children and the families whose lives are now completely destroyed over such a senseless act.
The children were mostly the same age as Lulu and all her class mates, and I can only imagine how devastating it would be if had been her school.
I keep thinking of the gifts already wrapped and under the tree that will never be opened...
It's so very sad.

I've been trying to shield Lulu from any of the news about it.
I just don't think I want to jolt her sense of innocence and security when she goes to school each day.
Not sure if they will be discussing it tomorrow or not.
It's really not something I want her to know about really.

I was originally going to rant about the teacher's strike and how infuriating it is that they are walking out on the kids the week before Christmas, but I don't feel it's right to complain given the latest turn of events.
At least she has a class and teacher.

It makes me hug her a few more times each day and tell her how much I love her even more than I did before and really appreciate the moments that we share together like making special decorations for her little tree in her bedroom...

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Lynn said...

I'm also trying to keep the kids away from it. I don't want them to feel scared. But the extreme sadness of it is weighing on me. I hope it doesn't show.