Wednesday, January 16, 2013

will you accept this rose?

Well I wouldn't be a good wife if I didn't give Big Daddy a big shout out for his appearance on last night's episode of The Bachelor.
He shot the episode back in September and I've been dying of suspense to see him in action with all the ladies (and I use that term loosely) on the show.
I have to admit, last season was the first time I ever watched it (purely for research ;)  but I'm officially hooked.
How can you not watch? so juicy, so funny, so over the top dramatic....
Apparently I'm not alone, over 15 million other people are tuning in each week to see who will accept the rose...
As long as Big daddy accepts my rose...I'm good.


Sonia said...

How exciting!

"Ladies" LOL

karen said...

But wait! Why is Big Daddy on the Bachelor???


petite gourmand said...

he was on the second episode as part of the "group date"
The date was the chance to be photographed and chosen as the main model for a Harlequin book cover.
Of course all the girls wanted the chance to cozy up to shawn too.
Big daddy directed and photographed them.
It was so funny to see him on the show telling them what to do.
if you missed it, check it on on the website.
It's pretty funny.