Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Horse Kottbullar

While reading this morning's news I came across this and was pretty horrified.
How could anyone want to eat horse meat?
I just find it so sad. (and gross)
Nothing against cows or chickens but for some reason that doesn't seem as bad as eating a dog or horse.
Every time I look at my sweet Chelsea I think- "How could they??"

I know, I know, many cultures eat all kinds of things that most North Americans deem unacceptable, but really?
Seabiscuit and Hidalgo?
Not to mention War Horse.
Lulu would be even more horrified than even I am.
She has a "Saddle Club" and her and her little friends are currently horse obsessed.

I'm a pretty adventurous eater, but that just makes me sad. It also kind of makes me want to become a vegetarian.
Anyhow, I'm so glad that last week while at Ikea, I decided to skip the hot dog and swedish "meat"balls and stick with the frozen yoghurt cone..

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