Wednesday, March 06, 2013

an oldie but a goodie

I'm not much of a baker.
Love to cook savory, but sweet not so much.
I do love to eat sweet things though.
And there are few scents more heavenly than home baked treats permeating the house.
But recently I came across this recipe and figured, why not?
Simple and who doesn't love a rice krispie square?
O.M.G. such a subtle little change to a classic recipe yet it makes ALL the difference.
Bonus it took about 5 minutes to make.
My kind of baking.

I love reading Smitten Kitchen and have been a follower of her blog for years. (long before the awesome cookbook)
I highly recommend picking up a copy.
I have yet to make one thing that didn't turn out perfectly.
Not necessarily light on calories, but still an excellent cookbook filled with recipes that are not too daunting or complicated.
Her little personal stories about each dish make it even more enjoyable.

oh and as a side note if you do make this recipe I used mauldon sea salt which always bumps things up a notch.

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