Monday, March 18, 2013

"spring" break

Just back from spending a week in Florida with Lulu & my parents for March break.
It was really nice to travel with just Lulu.
The last time it was just the two of us she was just a few months old and sat on my lap the whole time.
She's a bit of a seasoned traveller now and is at that age where she can actually help out with luggage, passports etc.
Looking around at all the crying babies on the flight I had a hard time not feeling a bit smug, knowing that those days are far behind me now.
Then again, Lulu never once cried on a flight.
I know, I'm pretty lucky in that department.
She's pretty awesome when it comes to travelling.
Next stop Asia??

Anyhow, it was really nice to get away and soak up a bit of sunshine, blue skies, green trees and perfectly manicured gardens everywhere.
Not to mention enjoy all the spotlessly clean shiny cars and pothole-free freshly paved roads.
Florida is a drivers paradise.

We spent the week at my parents place. Which was.....interesting.

I haven't actually spent that much time with them since I moved out 24 years ago.
I love them and we are close, don't get me wrong, but it was a bit of a flash back from the past and there were several times when I felt 14 again.
Maybe it had something to do with the fact that my mother followed me (and my dad) around reminding me (us) (relentlessly) to apply more sunscreen, wear a hat and watch the sun.
I know, I know, she just cares, but geez...we are in Florida after all.
And a bit if vitamin D isn't going to kill me.
For the record, as soon as I get up I slather on the 65 SPF and for the most part avoid the sun when it's the strongest.
Gone are the days of applying sun-in to my hair, copper tone tanning oil and lying in the middle of the black paved driveway frying like an egg.
We were so idiotic back in the day.
Boy if I knew then what I know now....
Clearly this woman isn't worried about too much exposure and didn't have someone following her around with sun screen.

So that was a tad annoying and I had a really hard time biting my tongue.
There is a fine line between caring and being concerned and nagging.
I think I walk that line every single day actually.
What mother (wife) doesn't?
I find it difficult not to constantly repeat myself and go on about things that I feel are just in someone I love's best interest.
But it was a bit eye opening.

note to self: try not to nag at Lulu (and big daddy) all the time and cut them some slack and try to be be more relaxed about stuff. (especially sun screen)

Speaking of, unfortunately big daddy couldn't join us.
Or at least unfortunately for us..him not so much.
As nice as it would have been to have him there, he would have gone mental spending the week with my folks.
All due respect.

But it did get me wondering if some day Lulu will feel the same.
Will she want to spend lots of time with us, or will I drive her completely crazy.
I'd like to think that we will be close and want to take vacations together even when she's an adult.
But who knows.
Only time will tell.


Lynn said...

I always thought I'd be SO different than my own parents when my kids are grown - how naive! Not that I plan to be the same or act the same, but as I age, I realize that my kids are going to feel the same way about me no matter WHAT I do. They'll find things that bug them, things to complain about, things that make them crazy. It seems insane - I am like, the BEST MOM EVER - but even so, they'll get there. That's life, I guess.

janet said...

I know there will be times when teens don't want their parents around but you and big daddy are some pretty awesome parents and Lulu will know it! xoxo

kurrabikid said...

Sydney next?!!