Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet Lulu

Has another year already come and gone?
Lulu is eight years old today....
Wow. So hard to believe.

The weather is much like the day she came into this world.
Rainy, a tad chilly, a full moon and with the hint of spring blossoms in the air.

That night seems so far away, yet still so unforgettable.
April 24th 2005. The day that changed our lives forever.
In ways I could never have imagined.

Every year I learn something new from Lulu.
She is bright, insightful, sensitive, super smart, introspective, intuitive, kind hearted, energetic, logical and absolutely the love of my life.
I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments this year.
Her piano playing is getting better all the time, once again she received straight A's on her report card, she has a very full and fun social circle, she finally lost her first tooth, can ride a bike, is a pretty good skater not to mention dancer.
She is amazing on stage and has more courage than I'll ever have.
I love her great sense of self and confidence, yet she is still humble and grateful.
I am so proud of her artistic and creative nature.
Her creations are endless and so imaginative.

I couldn't have pictured myself with a sweeter more amazing daughter.
We are very lucky indeed.

So that's all the gushing for now.
Just so proud of my little lady.
Happy 8th Birthday Lulu.
I love you....
Mommy xo


janet bailey said...

Such a lovely post. A lucky mommy and a lucky little girl! xoxo

Gabriella said...

Wow! 8! time flies doesnt it. she is beautiful. Happy Birthday L!

Lynn said...

Aw, she's practically a lady! Happy birthday, Lulu :).