Thursday, May 02, 2013

"shouldn't a t-shirt cost more than a latte?"

I love this time of year.
Near perfect temperatures, the air is fresh with the fragrance of spring blossoms with minimal humidity, the birds have returned from where ever they hide during the winter months (such smart creatures).
The days are getting longer and all the extra sunlight is just plain uplifting.
There is an energy all around that is palpable.
Everyone just seems happier, more energetic and positive.
No more heavy winter coats and clunky boots...ahhhh....

What I don't love is the whole clothing transition thing.
We have small closets here at casa petitegourmand so I have to do the "big switch" from winter to summer each season which I dread.
And I do love my accoutrement.

So needless to say, I have A lot of stuff to go through each time around.
It's a bit of a weakness for me actually.
Especially when it comes to clothes for Lulu.
I mean I only have one girl, and all the goods are just so cute (and cheap) these days.
And to be fair she is continually growing and her size keeps changing each season.
Plus it's so hard to resist each time I am either at the grocery store (curse you Joe Fresh) or when I just happen to find myself in the girls section of Zara or H&M.
Don't even get me started on all the cute shoes....

Then there's me.
I can't seem to stop myself.
If I find something I like, I'll often get it in 2 or 3 different colours.
Why not? right?
Besides, it usually costs next to nothing and it saves me from having to go shopping again.
Because as much as I love fashion, I don't love shopping.
But it the end I always wear the same few favourite things and the rest just gets shoved to the bottom of the pile in my closet.

So my latest goal is to try to keep things simple.
Especially when it comes to clothing.
To only get a few key pieces each season.
To not be tempted by sales or promotions. (if I get one more email from The Gap or Banana Republic I'm going to scream)
I just want to give my closet a bit more breathing room.
Not to mention making the decision of what to wear each day an uncomplicated one.

I read this this morning and it just reiterated the need to be less of a mass consumer and know when to say when.
Yes...even at Club Monaco....
There are only seven days in a week after all.
And to be honest half the week I'm in my workout gear anyhow, so how many cute tops from Anthropologie do I really need?

How about you, is your closet over flowing with garments made from countries that maybe we should be caring a little more about?


Tania said...

I'm a shopping addict, but just for me, not the kids. My mom's addiction is shopping for them. Happily, or sadly, I've got suburban closet space so I just keep going. It works out well for Goodwill though...

Lynn said...

Ugh, I hate shopping, if anything I really should replace some of the holey decade-old t-shirts I'm still wearing. But I totally hear you about the big closet switch. Even in our house, which isn't too bad for storage, we have this weird transitional time in the spring in summer when every level of coat is in the mudroom, and everyone has 20 different sets of footwear out because the weather is so unpredictable, and UGH, stuff is EVERYWHERE. I'm looking forward to summer when all the mudroom needs is a couple of hoodies and flip-flops for all.