Thursday, May 16, 2013


The last few months I've been trying to be even more diligent about healthy eating.
Trying to cut out processed foods, pretty much anything white- rice, bread, pasta etc.
maybe not wine...but trying to cut back there as well.
(Well as much as humanly possible for a girl of Irish decent...;)
I do my best to eat mostly whole grains, lots of protein and plenty of fresh fruit and veg.
This has pretty much been my food mantra for years, but I'm really doing my best to keep it clean in terms of eating (and drinking) this spring.
One of the foods I'm trying to eat more of is fish.
I enjoy it, as does Big Daddy- unfortunately Lulu, not so much.
I've tried for years, but no dice.
However I made these Mahi Mahi fish tacos the others day and she "kind of" liked them.

Anyhow they are de-lish, healthy and super easy to make.
I like to use gluten free corn tortillas, but you could use whole wheat as well.
To save time I also buy a bag of pre-shredded coleslaw mix.
I grilled the fish on the bbq because A. it's so nice out these days and B. I don't love the smell of cooked fish in the house.
but it's easy to just broil it as well.
Tilapia or any firm fish also works in this recipe
Also if you can find green Tabasco it makes all the difference.

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Tania said...

Thanks for the tip on the green Tabasco!