Saturday, September 01, 2007

smoke on the water

Despite being two sheets to the wind last Saturday night...actually make that three sheets...
I still managed to take a few in focus pics of the delicious dinner that our lovely hosts B & L whipped up.
Everything was excellent, and the smokey ribs from the Healthy Butcher were most excellent.
I must admit, I had a bit of charcoal barbecue envy.
Makes all the difference.
We had such a nice time and I find myself still thinking about how beautiful it was up north a week later.. so thanks again guys-the food, the setting and the company were all amazing.

Lulu keeps asking about little S's house-cottage.
and asked if daddy could buy her one too, next to S's.
if only...sigh....


kittenpie said...

Misterpie has SERIOUS cottage-envy, too. Whenever he hears the word, you can see him start to perk up and look wistful at the same time. quite a feat, really.

crazymumma said...

I miss cottage time.


I want that dinner.

stop it you are making me fat.