Thursday, September 13, 2007

sweet new year

well the film festival is winding down.
not that it really has any significance to me this year other than the swag bag big daddy brought home from the In Style party the other night. I have been living vicariously through him all week, and having to take his word for it on all the fab parties he's been attending.
But I guess I could share a few little tid bits for y'all...
At one of the private parties big daddy was at the other night-he and "Cathy" were chatting about Toronto and what a great place it is to raise kids etc.
and how "they" just bought a new place just north of Montreal.
They being Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas.
They rented a house in our neighbourhood (sort of) while they were filming here last year.
He said she was very nice, but not as gorgeous in person, her hubs on the other hand looks fantastic for his age.
I'm sure it's all natural..
since we are on the topic of natural...Apparently, Paris Hilton is actually quite extraordinary looking in person
and quote "I hate to admit it, but has an aura about her, and is quite stunning up close"
uh, big daddy how close are you talking? should I be concerned?
she did after-all "date" Marilyn Manson.
Who B.T.W. apparently looks like some Queen West loser Goth geek according to big daddy who was bellied up to the bar next to him at that same party.
I think his girlfriend is in the same film as Michael Douglas in case your were wondering.
Jude Law is as good looking in person as he is on camera.
Ben Kingsley is a dapper fellow as well.
John Leguizamo aka the crazy pill popping Doc on ER is super cool and really funny in person.
hmm.. oh yes Brad and Angie smell as good as they look.
okay kidding on the last one.
Big daddy didn't hang with them this year, but I bet they do in fact smell as good as they look.
that's all I can think of at the moment.
It's fun hearing all about the rich & famous, and I'm glad big daddy has had fun all week with his brother (who is here from L.A. for the week) I only wish I had a chance (or more accurately the energy) to go to some of the fantastic films this year around. ah well...guess I'll have to wait until they all come out on DVD as per usual.
would have been nice to sit next to some of the actors during the premiere though. always adds an element of fun to watching a movie.
But for me the real excitement of the week is...wait for it......drum roll.......
Lulu is officially toilet trained. (for the most part any-ways) I couldn't be prouder.
That a girl!
who needs Hollywood glamour when I can help my little gal sit on her pink princess toilet seat and get excited by the sound of her first tinkle or ...well ya catch my drift.
ah good times.
what a week so far.
I may not lead a super famous or over the top wealthy life,
But I am happy and healthy.
And hey, my kid is out of diapers-!!
things are good indeed.

On another note, we went to a fun Rosh Hashana dinner last night.
Lulu had a ball with all the cute kids, at one point I was laughing so hard I was crying.
I can't remember about what exactly, but it was great company and all the food was so delicious.
I love this holiday-it's all about family, the harvest, new beginnings and the sweetness of apples & honey.
(to signify a sweet new year ahead- in my limited catholic upbringing knowledge of one of my favourite jewish holidays)
what's not to love about that?

~Shona Tova~


metro mama said...

My TIFF widow pal says Jude is quiet and reserved.

And, McHotty knows someone who met Cathy and says she's rather plain in person.

The potty training? Much more exciting than celebrity sightings.

crazymumma said...

I love it when they learn about the toilet. Awesome.

Front to back Lulu. Always.

Gabriella said...

That's great news about Lulu!!! Diapers are such a pain. And about next week, it may be tough for Lulu or not, but both of you will get through it.

Laural Dawn said...

we just finished training my son (I think he's a full year older than Lulu! Crazy). And ... it's such an accomplishment.
Good work!
And - there's always next year for the film festival. I have to admit I'd love to meet Brad and Angelina!

amanda said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go Lulu! You are one lucky mama... oh, how I would love to have my boy potty trained.

I always love to hear your behind the scenes goods on the celebrities from the film fest. Very surprised to hear about Paris. But not at all about Marilyn Manson... he tries so hard that it's painful.

Sarah said...

Your life shall be SO FREEING with this potty training business! Seriously - it was by far the best milestone we have met- for mom and daughter! And I looooove the celeb-sighting recaps. Feel free to share more whenever you want...I am a sucker for it all.