Tuesday, November 13, 2007

leaves are falling

I must confess I haven't really been feeling very bloggish these past few weeks.
Kind of ironic seeing as it's "blogging month".
Who came up with that anyhow?
Things are good though, and life is sweet.
A few random ( a.k.a.boring) things going on in my life:

~decided to chop off all my hair. no more ponytails. short and sassy.
I guess I am happy with the cut, it's been quite a few years since it was this short, but I'm digging it.
I feel neat and tidy.
Spiffy in a 1950's housewife kind of way. especially since these are everywhere and I love to accessorize.
Though I was a tad concerned this morning when Lulu said I looked a bit like a "guy".
hmmmm....not exactly the look I was going for...
oh well.

~my parents are travelling through Italy and not only am I jealous, but I'm really starting to miss them.
I would have laughed hysterically if someone told me that I would miss my parents after they had been gone only a couple of weeks back during those horrible teenaged years.
my how things change.
It's not that I see them that often, but I really miss just picking up the phone most days and having a chat with my mom.
I'm so glad they are having fun and I wish them well, but I am looking forward when they get back.
and man do I wish I was somewhere in Tuscany at the moment.
hell I would even be happy to go to College St. (little Italy) for dinner.

~ after years of scrubbing my own toilets I finally caved and agreed to get a cleaning service once a week.
Big daddy claims it is more of a marriage saver than just someone to clean the pee off of the floor.
I must say it's a nice treat and I was starting to get used to the idea of coming home every Monday afternoon to a spotless house.
This is so hard for me being the neat freak that I am (and I'm also super frugal) but I guess big daddy was right and it is a good thing.
only bummer is that yesterday when I got home, the bathroom floor was ruined with some harsh chemical spill on the new heated marble bathroom floor.
ummm- remember the part about being careful not to use anything but Method and all natural cleaners in the bathroom????
so now we have to get the floors redone.
which totally sucks.
I also feel really bad for the girl who does our cleaning. I just hope she doesn't lose her job.
maybe I should go back to being the main pot washer/ bottle scrubber around here.
or not.

~okay this is going to sound so monotonous but Lulu is so bloody sweet these days.
I feel like we have turned a corner and she is being soooo good.
almost no meltdowns or temper tantrums. I can actually reason with her. gasp!
I have to say she is so smart as well.
I am amazed at how well she speaks.
Not to brag...but how can I not? But she seriously speaks as well as any four year old at the park.
yet she is still only two and a half.
I know I know...I shouldn't compare.
She definitely has the gift of gab.
which is wonderful, but hopefully won't land her next to the teacher's desk like it did for me when I was a kid.
only time will tell.
Now if we could only get her to stop coming into our room every-single night at 2 a.m.

~ I have to say, there are many times that I wished I lived in the States. (especially when it comes to Target and J.Crew ;)However, November is not one of those times.
How do ya'll deal with thanksgiving AND Christmas so close together?
Flipping through all my favourite food mags and it's turkey turkey everywhere.
Which is awesome, except that you have to do the whole thing all over again in a few short weeks.
or maybe this isn't such a bad thing.
Is it?
any thoughts?

~speaking of the holidays...each weekend seems to be booking up as we get closer to the holiday season.
There are so many fantastic things going on around town. and now that Lulu is at an age where she really gets it, I can hardly wait to take her to all the festivities happening from now until Jan 01.
we might even try to brave the Santa parade this weekend...
Only every time Lulu sees Christmas decorations in a store she sais "mommy it not Christmas yet, it not cold yet! there's no snow!"
True. but I'm sure that will change soon.
In the mean time I'm happy to deck the halls while raking the leaves.

~T.V. couldn't not mention the idiot box seeing as this is where I seem to find myself more evenings than I care to reveal.
However I will share a few of my favourite guilty pleasures.
Prison Break. Last night's season finale did not disappoint. but who the hell is "the company??"
30 Rock. okay could this show be any funnier? The green episode last week was one I had to watch twice. hilarious.
The Office. Always funny and I can't get enough of Dwight.
Top Chef~ I'm a food network junkie, this show is one of my favs at the moment. Well that and The Heat and Fink.
I wish I had teachers like this guy when I was in high-school.
Lucky kids.
Oh and Jamie's Chef was a bit of a tear jerker too.
Big daddy loves when I watch Giada's Everyday italian.
is it me or do her tops keep getting lower and lower cut?
Then again, if ya got it- why not?
how does she stay that skinny while eating all that Pasta??
Dirty sexy Money. Lovin' it. it's like a modern Dallas only everyone has great hair.
Then again remember when everyone wanted hair like Krystle Carrington?
I can't remember the last time I watched a movie. any suggestions?

so that's about it for me.
Nothing too wild and crazy happening, just enjoying a nice November groove.


Gabriella said...

Uneventful is always good. Peaceful...
Don't apologize about Lulu's great vocab, it's wonderful! Samantha's also pretty good with words and sometimes I feel like I shouldn't really tell people about how smart she is but then again I think why not! It must mean we're doing something right!

Your parents must be having an amazing time! Lucky them!

Haven't seen any movies either so no help from me on that dept.

Sarah said...

I enjoy all topics, PG...
1. I LOVE Dirty Sexy Money...it is my new favorite.
2. I am not quite sure how you get by without Target. Do you have an equivalent?
3. Thanksgiving and Christmas only weeks apart over here...I actually kind of like it. It just feels festive from Nov. 1 - Jan. 1 and then it's all over. Not so bad. Plus, we don't have turkey on Christmas at my house (sometimes prime rib or ham or even lasagna!) so that helps. :)
4. Did you hear Giada is preggo? Man, can you imagine what her boobs will do NOW?
5. I wish Lulu and my Lucy could get together...but they might explode from the vocabulary overload between the two of them! But isn't it fun?
6. I am so bad...we never go to movies anymore. I took Lucy to Bee Movie this past weekend and I laughed out loud many times sooo...that's about all I can recommend.

amanda said...

Ok, this comment is definitely going to require a list...
1. Let's see the hair!
2. My mom and her husband just got back from Italy... isn't that funny? And I have to say, I really missed talking to my mom too.
3. The maid. Best decision I ever made. I couldn't live without her and have told her many a time. Seriously, isn't it totally worth every cent? Although, so sorry to hear about your bathroom floor. Yikes!
4. I love hearing about Lulu and her sweet/good girl/easy to reason with stage she's in... it helps me to know that there's a light at the end of the tunnel!
5. Thanksgiving and Christmas this close together is no fun. They are pretty much lumped together now and it is way too hectic. I'm jealous of your early Thanksgiving. :)
6. We love love love 30 Rock and the Office. And I've had a girl crush on Giada for forever. Isn't she adorable? And can you believe she's prego?? I heard her once say that she stays thin by pretty much cooking everything she eats, so she knows what goes in it. Ever noticed her teeny tiny bites on the show? haha!

Ok, so that's enough commenting from me for now!

amanda said...

Ok ok, one more thing... well, two.

1. Lulu's coat. Hello, adorable.
2. Across the Universe - I highly recommend.
3. I lied... three things. Dirty Sexy Money! Love it.

Mac and Cheese said...

Talk to me about marble floor cleaners! I can't find one that actually cleans! Sorry about your floor damage, btw.

Tracy said...

you are too funny. trust me. you are much better off north of the border ;) (hey, with the dollar the way it is - come down for a visit! you can shop at target here!)


Anonymous said...

Can I just say that the coat she is wearing in that picture is the bomb?! Love it!

Sheena said...

OK Foodie Girl, I need your help!
I am obsessing in a big way tonight. For late lunch/early dinner I had the charcuterie/cheese plate at Harrods in London.

As a side along with nuts and grapes the Spanish chef served slices of quince jelly with it. Quite firm and sliceable, not jellly in a jar style.

It was a profoundly life changing experience. Have you ever tried this? Found it locally? Heard about a source around Southern Ontario? I am so on a mission...

indigo herself said...

i can relate to the lack of inspiration on the blogging front, i haven't felt too inspired of late either. on movie advice...Into the Wild, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Once...I'll let you know if I think of more. I saw August Rush which was pretty hallmark-ish, fairytale but if you love Keri Russell...a maybe.

i miss you! hopefully inspiration finds you soon. we need to encourage each other!

Heather said...

I liked the bathroom last night on style dept. was it yours? when I saw you, I was hoping to get a glimpse of Lulu too since she is so adorable.