Thursday, November 01, 2007

came down the gutter....

on a piece of bread & butter......
I'll spare you the details, but needless to say the plague that entered our house two weeks ago finally decided to make a dramatic exit on Halloween.
not fun at all.
my poor little Zebra was only allowed to eat white rice, white bread and bananas all day.
no candy.
she was a good sport though and was all smiles as per usual.
I'm also finally feeling a little bit better after a really bad cold & flu and also very very relieved that a rather involved job I was working on is finished.
It was fun to work on, but a bit challenging while caring for my sick little gal.
that's life as a mom though.
I'm very glad that it's November.
nothing too crazy happening, and hopefully we can spend some quality time at home together as a family getting warm and cozy.
oh and finally catching up on reading my favourite blogs.
it's been a while, looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to.


Ms. Porter said...

She looks as cute as ever! I'm so glad Lulu got to trick or treat and that everyone is FINALLY better. The table below is so cute, I'm totally stealing the black/white dishes for my next halloween party...and is that cheese cloth?

Gabriella said...

Love that little mouse in the bowl! Glad to see everyone's feeling better and that Lulu got out for Halloween! It's funny Samantha is on the same diet right now, she has had a lot of action going out from her lower half since Saturday!!!

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Love the zebra! Cute!

Trick or treating with little ones is such fun!

A Peanut's Life said...
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A Peanut's Life said...

I love the way you set up your table. awesome. Poor little one, glad she has recovered and is in good spirits. She looks super cute in her zebra costume.

crazymumma said...

oooh. what a rhapsody in white and black. Both her and the food spread!

Glad she is better. I HATE thiose illnesses taht take them down so hard.