Saturday, November 03, 2007

ray of sunshine

Today was the first time in a while that Lulu and I went for a long walk outside on a beautiful sunny fall day and were not in a hurry or running errands.
somehow the autumn seems to have escaped me this year.
fortunately mother nature has taken her time with the cooler temps and colourful leaves so there is plenty to enjoy hopefully for a few more weeks.
it felt so nice to just walk and breathe. deeply. (and clearly without congestion) in what feels like a long while.
It's amazing how just taking several deep breaths can help restore the soul.
I can't believe how quickly September and October slipped by.
Two of my favourite months on the calendar were spent running around like a crazy woman and not actually having a chance to embrace and enjoy them.
Life can feel so hectic at times.
I honestly don't know how mothers with more than one child do it.
Now that Lulu is feeling better I feel like I can take a deep sigh of relief and relax and start enjoying life a bit more.
speaking of sunshine.
while out for dinner last night we set Lulu up with her usual crayons and paper and she drew a perfect yellow sunshine, rays and all. Big daddy and I were so proud watching her meticulously draw. she loved the praise, then announced that "I an artist"
That a girl. getting in touch with her creative side.
she really does love drawing and painting (then again, what kid doesn't?)
I feel like a broken record, but man, she is just over the top cute these days.
And could she be more affectionate? countless kisses and hugs all day long.
she melts my heart.
so focused.
so adorable.
so lulu.


Mac and Cheese said...

Very sweet. This sounds cliche, but it really is a type of love that you can only understand once you have a child of your own.

Gabriella said...

She is priceless! And that is an amazing picture she's drawn, you really do have an artist on your hands.

Sarah said...

So adorable...I know what you mean. Despite some rough days, it's the greatest age ever. But also, do you remember how awesome 18 months is? I had forgotten until Tommy got there (not that I'm pulling for you to have another one or anything..ha!)
I am also pleased to see LuLu doing the "sticks off the face" on her people. Lucy is doing that as well and I know it's developmental, but it still makes me giggle inside.

kgirl said...

Gorgeous picture. And don't worry too much about 'missing' september and october - they felt like july, remember?

(stupid aside - word verification is 'pepzigat.' does that sound like the poison, or the remedy?)

amanda said...

Too cute. Don't you love the hugs and kisses? I can't get enough. Jack gets so annoyed with me.

crazymumma said...

'I an artist'.

T Shirt fodder. Now. copyright.

kittenpie said...

These months skipped me by, too. I'm hoping November follows suit so I can get to december, when I have lots of good things to look forward too! Then time can slow waaaay down. Please?