Monday, December 17, 2007

let it snow let it snow....

I've always been a big fan of snow storms.
good thing I live in the "great white north" koo loo koo koo koo kookooo kooo....
my tribute to Bob & Doug.
there's something so beautiful about watching all the trees covered in big white fluffy snow flakes.
The drama of it all.
there's also something kind of fun about layering up, putting on the most ridiculously fury warm snow toque and heading out for an adventure...even if it is only is to shovel the driveway or pull Lulu on her toboggan down the street to grab some groceries and a hot chocolate along the way.
Everything seems so still, so fresh so...well winter.
Only winter doesn't officially start until next week.
Looks like it's going to be a loooong winter if it's already looking like Kapuskasing outside downtown Toronto in early December.
The only thing is...well....I already have cabin fever.
Nothing like being cooped up with a two and a half year old (on antibiotics due to yet another ear infection) that kind of sucks the life out of me.
I'm all for baking cookies, making home-made Christmas cards, reading book after book, playing hide and seek (oh there you are in the closet with your pink flashlight!!! what a surprise) again and again....but it kind of feels a bit daunting, knowing that there is another three+ months of this.
I'm finding myself looking at the clock far more often than I do say in...October or June...
Is 4 p.m. too early to have a glass of wine?
lord help me, I was even eyeing the Shmirnoff vanilla vodka in the freezer today while rummaging around for dinner tonight.
hooray for frozen turkey meatballs!!!
Am I becoming the annoying wife who calls the office (studio) everyday at 4ish asking (pleading) what time do you think you might be home tonight?
I do love the winter. honest.
I am a home body after-all and love the idea behind getting cozy and hunkering down on a cold winter night.
Only...well I need to get out.
If only I could get my car out of the driveway..


Mac and Cheese said...

I hear ya. I know that I need to get both my daughter and I dressed up to go out and play more, but it's so hard to get motivated when it's so warm inside.

Gabriella said...

We tried going outside yesterday afternoon but it was wayyyy too cold...we lasted 5 minutes in the garage watching Joe shovel the driveway, or rather watched the snowblower do all the work ;)

Laural Dawn said...

I felt the same way! I hit the point on Sunday where as fun as the snow was, the feeling of being stuck inside drove me nuts! My son went a little stir crazy by the end also.

Sarah said...

Ummm yes, suddenly a glass of wine while preparing dinner is becoming a new habit for me... at 4 p.m.
Must be a winter thing, right?

kgirl said...

i am so going crazy already. i know it will be a lot better once i have the green light to lift the stroller (and my kid) again.

there are only so many cookies one can decorate with a toddler.

motherbumper said...

We still have cabin fever. Four pm is NOT too early for wine, serial phone calls tells him you love him, and thank you thank you thank you for the Bob & Dougism - SCTV warped me at an early age.

amanda said...

haha! I'm with you... seriously.

I've recently discovered Jack's love for Curious George - which, lucky for me, is on after dinner... I never thought I'd resort to TV the way I am. But really, without that lovely weather after dinner stroll, I need something to make it until bedtime. It's a nice distraction for him so he's not so interested in my wine glass. haha!

Don Mills Diva said...

I am with you too. It's not even officially winter yet and I've had enough! BTW - 4 p.m. is not too early for wine. As Jimmy Buffet would say- it's 5 o'clock somewhere!

kittenpie said...

That first week or so, Pumpkinpie didn't want to touch the snow. Seriously. I'm thinking, at least we can go out and romp a bit to burn off some energy. She lasted maybe ten minutes. Gah!