Thursday, December 20, 2007

pretty in pink

I just finished writing a big long post about how I'm not a really big fan of all the hustle and bustle surrounding the holidays.
But after reading, I hit delete.
who really wants to read a bunch of bah hum bug Christmas bashing?

On a more positive note...Lulu had her first Christmas concert and was pretty funny.
She was yawning throughout most of it and was...well quite animated.
It was also really nice to meet some of the other parents at her school, seeing as I've never really had the chance before.
I'm looking forward to trying to be a bit more social in the new year and hopefully getting together with some of them.

Speaking of the new year, I've already started my "new year's resolutions" list.
One of them is trying to be more positive (thus the reason for deleting my original post) another is to try to be more social.
When I look back and compare last year's holiday season to this one, I've come to the sad conclusion that we are not nearly as socially active as we used to be.
I had every intention of throwing a few swank dinner parties or maybe even have an open house some weekend...but I just ran out of steam.
I'm not sure why...well maybe it's that having a two year old really kicked my ass this year.
Most of the year was spent in a sleepless state and this doesn't leave much energy to entertain.
yes yes..positive...
Anyhow things are looking much brighter.
Lulu goes to bed early and stays there most nights.
I'm starting to feel like I'm catching up with myself.
does that make sense?
I spend so much time with Lulu that I often forget what I want.
like getting together and cooking for my friends.
I love being a mother, but sometimes it's nice just being me.
I had the great fortune of having the day to myself and even though I was stuck in traffic, white knuckling it in the mall parking lots, sweating in my winter coat, dying to pee and waiting in long line-ups while Christmas shopping, I had a really nice day.
I got to think.
I got to people watch and not be in mom mode saying "don't touch, look only, stay close, hold my hand, do you have to use the potty, don't touch, put that back...."
That in itself was a real treat.
even being alone in the car stuck in traffic was quite relaxing.
loud music of my choice. check.
heated seat. check.
herbal ginger tea. check.
hell it was practically like being in my own little Volkswagen spa.
anyhow, I'm not sure where I'm going with this post, other than that It's much easier to be positive when I'm feeling positive.
and when I've had some time to myself.

On a completely unrelated topic...
Big daddy is out for the evening at a Christmas party (at least one of us is feeling social) there's really nothing much on t.v. but Pretty In Pink happens to be on.
I had the soundtrack back in the day and I also thought Andrew McCarthy was super cute.
In fact I will admit to really liking this movie.
hey it was sue me.
Watching it tonight, I can't help but to laugh...sure it's overly dramatic..but ya know what?
I still like the music and even though I've seen it a bunch of times it's still entertaining.
Duckie is still funny, James Spader is still a complete ass and well...okay Andrew McCarthy is still kind of cute.
I have it's a Wonderful Life recorded as well as a bunch of other holiday classics but hey what's more festive than a little OMD, New Order, Psychedelic Furs, Echo and the Bunnymen and some seriously puffy hair?


Mac and Cheese said...

If nothing else, you are doing a great job riding out the writer's strike.

Ms. Porter said...

I did the bitching for ya! I have so many of the same feelings as you. The truth is, I prefer going to parties/get togethers in January and Feb when things slow down and it's not so rushed and hectic...that't the time to host...maybe I will try it out myself. Oh and as for socializing, I love my new friends I've made through Mouse's preschool...but making them does take a wee bit of effort. Hope the same will be true for you.
Happy Holidays PG...hope your little sweet Lulu sleeps well and that you get to experience lots of joy watching her enjoy the fun.

Sarah said...

Andrew McCarthy was totally hot...I remember.

amanda said...

OH man! Psychedelic Furs! OMD! New Order... Oh I love it. Pretty in Pink is so good. Isn't it nice to have some "me" time for shopping and movie watching. Enjoy!

I'm with you on the "positive attitude" for the new year. It's so easy to get dragged down and grouchy this time of year.

Sheena said...

Ah! I re-bought the Psychedelic Furs greatest hits CD last weekend. And Level 42. And New Order (ok so maybe 6 months ago for that one).


Gabriella said...

i loved Pretty in Pink!
See you in the new year's!

Sonia said...

Oh, oh, oh!! I just wanted to say I saw a piece on CTV news last night about Holt Cafe's Tartines. I know you have raved about them. They showed how they make it and fly the bread in...anyways, the kicker...they are providing the recipes for 2 of them online!

Here you go:

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!