Wednesday, May 14, 2008

may day

Hard to believe we are already over half way through May.
Such a busy month filled with birthdays (happy belated big daddy), mother's day and lots of catching up with friends that we haven't seen in ages.
Still quite a few that we are missing and are really looking forward to seeing over the summer ( you know who you are )
On top of our regular routine I started shooting the HGTV show I worked on last year.
looks like I wasn't a complete loser on t.v. as they asked me to do five more episodes this season.
So I've been back on set with the crew from last summer and really enjoying it.
Such a nice group of people that I really loved working with.
The only thing is coming up with an entirely new wardrobe.
I need about 4-5 outfits per episode.
If you are as bad at math as me, that's almost 25 outfits!
Seeing as I'm the senior "stylist" they have to be half decent.
can't look too schleppy on tv.
Unfortunately I can't get any freebies so I may end up breaking even by then end of the summer.
Ah well...
I have to admit, it is fun to shop for things other than yoga pants and old navy tee's and the other practical park necessities.
so that's what I've been up to.
well in addition to trying to soak in all the beautiful spring flowers, blossoms and the vivid chartreuse green leaves on the trees.
I absolutely love this time of year, don't you?

oh and thank-you for all the great advice and comments on my last post.
very much appreciated and most helpful in easing my guilty conscience.


kgirl said...

i can't seem to keep my hands out of the dirt these days. so nice. and congrats on the show; i'm sure you'll look amazing.

amanda said...

Oh that's great!! I wish I could catch your show here. And 25 new outfits... I'd be in heaven. Hmmm... maybe you'll have to do a post on some of the outfits... possibly? Might I suggest the Confetti bateau top from J Crew (which I'd be wearing this summer if my belly weren't so big)- their cafe capris are adorable and very flattering. Also, I'm in love with white jeans... citizens have a cute pair at nordstrom. Good Luck and have fun shopping!!

Sarah said...

I vote for an outfit post as well - fun! I am bummed they don't have the show in the states!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the show again!

This is my fav time of year as well...look at those flowers you posted so pretty.

Mac and Cheese said...

Let me know when to watch your show! ...and shopping without guilt, awesome!