Wednesday, November 05, 2008

g-d bless america

You know when you go to a restaurant and end up having entree envy with the person sitting next to you?
Well that's how I felt last night while watching the US election results.
I had total election envy.
I mean our election was a big expensive waste of time (which we have to do all over again in 6 months time)
What's up with that?
Watching the speeches last night was more exciting that watching a rock concert (not that I can remember the last time I was actually at a "rock" concert)
I so don't recall any moving historical speech given by our priminister after his party won a few weeks ago- little lone one of his opponents.
Both speeches last night were really inspiring.
Watching President Obama gave me goose bumps, brought tears to my eyes, made me feel hopeful and excited about the future.
And I'm not even American!
I can't even begin to imagine how proud every single African American must be feeling today.
Every American for that matter-even the republicans.
McCain put up a good fight and he is a class act.
I really hope both parties do keep their promise to work together to help solve the difficult problems at hand.
Very monumental.
Not to sound unpatriotic- because I am very proud to be Canadian, but why can't we get it together when it comes to the way we run our elections?
I love the idea of a set date on the calender- every 4 years and the leader can only run for two consecutive terms.
I mean, that totally makes sense.
And campaign money should be raised by the people and not the big corporations.
An election by the people for the people.
It is time for a change- big time.
Let's just hope it happens north of the border soon.
(and for the love of g-d will the liberal party get moving on finding an actual worthy opponent for the conservatives)
I wonder if Jack Layton would ever consider jumping ship and going red?
Just a thought.

Okay so enough about politics.
I went to a really fun gathering of fellow mommy bloggers last night- and I promise to give more details soon.
Stay tuned.
But If I don't get moving, my poor kid will be the last one picked up at school today.

In the mean time-Congratulations to all the Democrats and to all Americans.
Very exciting future ahead.


Ms. Porter said...

You've said it so well PG...I totally agree with you. I don't think the Americans could have lost last night.

Karen MEG said...

I felt exactly the same way about our election too... and I knew the Libs were doomed as soon as they split the vote and made Dion their leader...professorial without charisma, just don't cut it. I like Jackie too, showman though he is...

I was riveted by Obama's speech (and McCain's was very gracious as well).

I'll be posting about the fun times too... so glad to have met, you're so cute in the pix!

indigo herself said...

yes we can. obama inspires. i am still consumed with thoughts of his speech days later. historic. hope instead of fear. words to live by.

Cheryl said...

I'm a Black Canadian with a bi-racial son and the future seems brighter for us all! Cheers.

kittenpie said...

That Obama is one hell of a speaker, it's true, and McCain showed a lot of grace and class in defeat. But I have to say, I do love that our election are quick, not the two years of dragging it around that happens in the states.