Sunday, November 02, 2008

trick & more treats

Ah what a fun halloween.
My all time favorite holiday.
Even though I don't really think that it is technically a holiday per say, it's so much fun.
The weather this year was absolutely perfect.
Lulu really got into things this year and was running from house to house like her coach was going to turn back into a pumpkin by the stroke of midnight (or more accurately nine o'clock)
She was dressed as Cinderella- and kept telling big daddy that he was her prince charming all night.
That girl knows how to work it.
It was so nice talking to all the neighbours on the street that otherwise you don't really get a chance to.
One house came out with a tray of warm mulled wine in plastic wine glasses for the grown ups.
How great is that?
Another house rented a cotton candy machine!
Several houses had really amazing special effects, smoke machines, creepy music the works.
I love love love my neighborhood.
I feel so lucky to live in such an awesome community.
Lulu will be very fortunate to grow up here.
It really is like a small town within a big city.

The only negative-all the candy.
Yes I said negative.
Big daddy & I enjoyed a delicious steak tenderloin with truffle polenta and porcini mushrooms for dinner last night and managed to polish off an entire bottle of Prosecco and some fantastic red wine.
Needless to say, we were both two sheets to the wind and ended up eating a ton of Lulu's Halloween stash.
What is it about being drunk and eating like a pig?
Anyhow, today I'm feeling super guilty.
Not just because of the massive trail of mini wrappers scattered all over the basement, but because I think we managed to polish off all of the mini kit-kats, crispy crunch and reese's peanut butter cups.
Poor Lulu-all that trick or treating and hard work and all she has left to show for it is some lousy eatmores and oh henry's.
Poor mommy feels like crap today.
I'm feeling a little like the evil stepmother at the moment.


Ms. Porter said...

I don't think I understand???

Everyone knows that too sugar and junk are bad for children. You are such good parents for making sure Lulu wouldn't eat all that lousy stuff.
PS-that jack-o-lantern is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Haha...I know how you feel..Sam's fav's & mine are the same; Kit kats and Aero's. I'm having a hard time not eating all of them before she gets to them!

Sarah said...

Oh good...glad I am not the only mom sneaking out the good ones...ha ha! Hey, only another year or two until they start to notice!

Sonia said...

*munch munch*

Yup, you are very good parents! Don't doubt it for a second! You've saved Lulu at least a few cavities.

Now, where do I hide these wrappers?!? Damn, that Twix was good!

Karen MEG said...

Awesome pumpkin!!!

I know what you mean about the candy...I've got some of the leftovers tucked in my office.

So nice to meet you and Lulu tonight :)

kittenpie said...

We informed Pumkinpie that we'd be helping her eat her candy because it was too much candy for one girl, but agreed that we would not touch her favourites - lollipops and smarties. A totally fair deal, I think.